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    Yea looks almost identical. It would be my 1st time doing all of that. But i will give it a try. Thank You.

    I'll play on the recruiting server or on any of our servers for about a good 45-60 min. Before my game crashes and I get this. 0xC0000409 - STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN any one know how to fix?
  3. TFAR

    @SNA Fallon, I got it. Just go like SSgt. Graff said, go to tour TFAR folder and open it. where it says Teamspeak you want to to open it and install it. It will automatically go to your TS
  4. TFAR

    I just went into the teamspeak folder, then teamspeak tab, and installed it. Do I need to update TS also?
  5. TFAR

    So the only thing left to fix is tfar, last time I left off where we were not supposed to update teamspeak. Now I have DL the new Tfar but not sure what to do after, I tried searching for advice on the forums. When I play it says Teamspeak is not connected when I Am currently on TS
  6. Stuck on loading screen [SOLVED]

    Thank You so much Colonel Penny and Capt Steever, I will give this a try.
  7. Stuck on loading screen [SOLVED]

    Thanks Sgt, But I looked at that same list. Im running for Rec Server as follows. Task Force Radio 1.-1 (dev) (link given from 15th update for TFR) ST Hud Rhs USF RHS SAF RHS Gref RHS AFRF Kunduz Cup terrains core Cba v3.2.1 Clafghan Alrayak Ace 3.9.0
  8. Stuck on loading screen [SOLVED]

    DL all mods last night required for the new 15th update. But for some reason when I try to log into our Rec Server I get stuck on the loading screen after picking my role. I tried even local servers and it would stay stuck on the loading screen to enter the server to play, I read several forums online indicating to load the mods in the correct order? Anyone have any input? Previously I've never had this issue loading into our servers. 4/5/14 *Solution make sure you run in 32 Bit if your PC cant handle 64. Via Arma 3 Launcher Options.
  9. Hello!

    Hey Guys! Just thought I'd stop by and say hello to everyone! Im totally missing out on all these new changes! But always got you guys in mind. I just started working as a Security Department Supervisor for Hilton after being jobless for like a month when I reached Phase 3 of my training in Warhorse. Well I wanted to check in and to let you guys that im doing really good and I hope all my 15th Brothers are as well. Please feel free to follow me on the profile or shoot me a DM if anything, I'l check the forums everyday. I might just come back like Jordan wearing the 45 to play with you guys on the Rec. Server on my days off. Salutes, SNA Pacheco.
  10. New Forum Check-In

    Name (including initials): Pacheco, J Rank: SNA Phase 3 Billet: 5711 Section: HMH-465 (Reserves) Are you Game Admin Qualified: No Additional Duties: None Link to SMF Profile: