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  1. Hassinger respectfully requesting 1-1 FTL Squad Corpsman. Should JTAC open up I will take that as well. WILL BE ATTENDING REGARDLESS OF ROLE.
  2. Respectfully requesting 1st Platoon Lead.
  3. WELCOME ONE WELCOME ALL TO THE NEW 15th MEU Minecraft Server Hosted by well ME How to join: 1. Go join this Discord Server, (Didn't want to flood this or my DMs with server issues or anything else) https://discord.gg/KcmVqzj9Pm 2. Go to #Mod-list 3. Follow those steps and the Server info and how to join will be in there! 4. Have lots and lots and lots of fun! YOU SENT AN INVITE TO JOIN A SERVER
  4. 1st Platoon Lead for 21NOV20 Public Action *assuming we are having one*
  5. Rct C. Hassinger will be attending Recruit Training Does your Acre2 work ingame? Yes Have you read the "Read first" thread? Yes Recruit Trainin on 12SEPT20 at 1500 CST
  6. Application View Application Status Hassinger Submitted 09/07/2020 09:08 PM Last Name Hassinger Email calebhassi@gmail.com
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