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  1. Application View Application Status Van Dyke Submitted 05/27/2019 03:13 PM Last Name Van Dyke Timezone America/Chicago Country United States Additional Application Fields First Name Per Middle Initial A Age 20 Desired MOS 0311 Rifleman How long have you been playing ArmA III? Since shortly after launch Are you currently in an ArmA III gaming clan or unit? No How did you find out about us? Youtube If you were recruited by one of our members, who was it? Guest Why do you want to join the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit? I've spent the last long while as a zeus operator and S-2 Member in the 3d MRB, and while I love that unit and the people there, the pressure and stress was getting to me. I just want to go back to good old ground pounding in a combined arms environment, and this is far and above the best place to do that. Prior member? Yes Highest Level Completed School of Infantry ArmA III Player ID 76561198049411918 Steam Name sulu244 [Van Dyke] Steam Profile Link https://steamcommunity.com/id/sulu244 Do you own ArmA III APEX? Yes Please check your user profile and ensure that the email address you registered with is correct. Have you done this? Yes Have you read and understood the definition of Realism Gaming and do you agree to abide by it? Yes Have you read and understood the requirements for our unit and the criteria for being active and taking a billet in this unit, and that failure to complete said criteria will place you into the reserve platoon? Yes Do you understand the fact that this unit is a CST (GMT -6) time zone based unit, and the attendance requirements of operations on Sundays at 1900 CST (0100 GMT)? Yes
  2. 100% with Murphy, I have a Cloud 1, but there are 2 or 3 other variants. BY FAR, the best headset I've ever had.
  3. During the Titan OP, 2-3 observed the latest test of the tank space program...
  4. I've been having the same issues, much more so the second one. Whenever things start to pick up, TFAR refreshes and my game lags to 1 fps.
  5. that flyby at the end though... lol
  6. #4, when 3 titans decide that hill REALLY needs to die lol. (Was just as epic from titans point of view)
  7. Here I shall place any future content derived from this here MEU.
  8. Had the same issue on an old Dell all-in-one. Was a physical screen issue on my end as well.
  9. Name: P. Van Dyke Rank: Pvt Billet: 1800 Basic Tank Crewman Section: SOI Are you Game Admin Qualified: No Additional Duties (S-Shops or Instructors): N/A Link to SMF Profile (should have a u=[profilenumber] at the end):;u=86732
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