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  1. Hi Murphy. Those comments you mention about me are false and did not come out of my mouth i don’t appreciate that you blame us collectively and i want to make it clear that i did not say any of these comments. We did discuss the loss of frame rates and decided that its best to not use these bombs, i have said multiple times that i think the server will die if we keep using gbu 24s. But nobody else warned us that these weapons are not allowed. I also noticed that server rules where updated by karelia immediately after our ban and gbu 24 is a weapon that is not allowed
  2. Captain Stoned 18/03/2021 Arma 76561198268060438 Destroying structures In a hurry to finish altis, near the end right before fresh map i was doing cas with puzzanof and orico. after lots of flying hours and multiple successful precision strikes without civilian casualties or lost structures we where requested to destroy all vics and structures of a certain capital so we can switch maps faster (keep in mind civ rating and enemy agro is at -100) so without too much thinking i was up for the task and was introduced to a new type of gbu i never heard about before that does
  3. Application View Application Status jack gabay Submitted 03/16/2021 12:35 PM Last Name jack gabay Email nethanielmaoz@gmail.com Time
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