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  1. Awesome, just checking... Why are Lingor/Dingor and Abramia not on the required mods list for the server? Causes some frustration for people less experienced in ArmA3 I'm sure. I keep a pretty keen eye on the Workshop and had not seen Abramia before. Mixed it up with Livonia probably. Thanks!
  2. Okay, I was under the impression it was from the Contact DLC because when I attempted to join the damn thing came up and said "This is from the Contact DLC! You need to buy it or else you can't play you cheap bugger!"
  3. Hey guys, I love the server and have a ton of fun. Myself and a lot of other regulars can't play though when Abramia is set as the map. Any chance we could take it out of the rotation? We have plenty of other maps that are awesome and don't punish people who don't have all the DLCs. As a young dad with a second one about to be born, I can't justify an extra $40 to spend on a single DLC whose content isn't even that good. I know I speak for many, any chance this can get nixed? At least until the insane price comes down. Appreciated guys.
  4. Can confirm it was temporary problem. Though the launcher is showing mismatch still, it isn't kicking me when I join anymore. No actual action was required to fix it. I was flying from 19:30 to 01:00 and having a good time with Blacksheep. Thanks guys.
  5. I logged in to try and join the public server and it shows a full mod-mismatch on every single mod on the server. Weird part though, it shows a proper mod match on all the other 15th servers except for Task Force Bravo Mod Check server. I've tried redownloading a few to see if their signatures match after that and they do not. I did manually clear the few mods I tried to re-download and they also fail. Even a manually downloaded version of one of the RHS mods shows up as mismatching. Any help would be appreciated.
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