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  1. Discord Server

    Feel free to join us in our Discord server to keep up with the unit, ask questions before joining, or get help during your basic training! 15th Discord Chat Our same rules for forums, Teamspeak, or recruiting server etiquette apply. Violators will be removed quickly and harshly. New Discord Joins: Please type the following in the Quarterdeck chat: Rank and name: (ex. Cpl Hardcore) Billet: (ex. 0311 FTL, Haymaker 2-1-C) Any S-Shop Billets: (ex. S-4 Zeus) Shield Type: (ex Red Shield/Silver Shied). If you are a new recruit, or in School of Infantry, please type the following the chat: Name: (ex. Rct Hardcore) Link to your application: (post link) An Admin will be along shortly to assign you the correct roles. In the meantime please change your name to your rank, initials (if applicable), and last name.
  2. Calendar Change Request

    Calendar Change Request Form We hope to serve and benefit the entire 15th MEU Realism Unit with a tool to help increase joint trainings and assist leaders in assessing their respective group trainings.In regards to updating the Calendar, we are asking that HQs in the unit (Platoon HQs and Detachment Commanders) use the below form to request an update/addition to the calendar under their respective command. This form was created in an attempt to expedite updates to the calendar greater than once a month.REMEMBER, THESE SAME HQs SHOULD BE AUDITING THEIR SECTIONS AND UPDATING THE ROSTER ACCORDINGLY. While we will still be auditing the Master Roster for updates on a monthly basis, it is our hope that with the teamwork of the entire leadership element, we can provide an informative and effective calendar for all members to share. To make it clear exactly who is responsible for submitting Calendar Training Time Change Request (CTTCR)ACE Detachment Commanders will manage ACE. Platoon HQ's (including Spectre, Law Enforcement, all GCE supporting elements, and rifle and weapon platoons) will manage their own platoons.Please do not submit CTTCRs on your own behalf, utilize your CoC for this. All request from unauthorized personnel will be denied. Again, use your CoC. Thank you from the Calendar Team.
  3. Approved Client-Side Mods

    ApprovedShackTac Group HUDTao's Folding MapShackTac Stamina BarShackTac NametagsZAM Nametags9Liners and Notepad by Chief WiggumACE Chestpack ModStance Adjustment ModDeadfast's 3rd Person View Cypress Push-to-HearNot AllowedBlastcore A3Blastecore Tracers A3MrF Rangefinder MkIISpeed of SoundJ.S.R.S. Sound (Dragonfyre EDEN)LAxemann's DynaSoundAnyone running mods on the Not Allowed list will be punished, as they are on here for a reason (server performance). Any mods you are considering running and are not on this list are considered dis-allowed until they are sent up the chain of command and ruled upon.
  4. 15th MEU Mod Pack

    15th MEU Mod Pack - ArmA 3 Sync Repository Items needed - ArmA 3 Sync A3 Sync Repository Auto config Instructions Picture Instructions 15th MEU Mod Pack - Manual Links 15th Pack (Current Version: v15AUG17) 15th Pack For ArmA 3 15AUG17Download Link #1 (MEGA)Download Link #2 (GOOGLE) 15th EODS (Current Version: 02FEB17) Download Link #1 (MEGA)Download Link #2 (GOOGLE) ******************* RHS USF Version Link #1 (MEGA)Download Link #2 (GOOGLE)RHS AFRF Version Link #1 (MEGA)Download Link #2 (GOOGLE)RHS GREF Version Link #1 (MEGA)Download Link #2 (GOOGLE)RHS SAF Version Link #1 (MEGA)Download Link #2 (GOOGLE)*******************Task Force Arrowhead RadioTFAR 1.0259TFAR requires Teamspeak, which is currently authorized for: Teamspeak 3.1.6 (32-bit) Teamspeak 3.1.6 (64-bit)*******************CUP TerrainsCUP Terrains version 1.3*******************Included Mod SystemsDO NOT UPDATE ANY OF THESE WITHOUT CLEARANCE FROM COMMANDCBA_A3Task Force Arrowhead RadioACE3EODSRHS Teamspeak 3 15th Ammo Box 15AUG17Download #1 (MEGA)Download #2 (GOOGLE) 15th OPFOR 06JUL17Download #1 (MEGA)Download #2 (GOOGLE) 15th ACE 3 Pack Current Version: 15AUG17 (ACE3 v3.10.2)Download #1 (MEGA)Download #2 (GOOGLE)DO NOT COPY OVER YOUR PREVIOUS FOLDER.You must delete your old ACE folder and place this one instead.
  5. Ban Appeals *****READ FIRST*******

    Anyone looking to appeal a ban to our servers is to post a single topic in this section with their in-game name as the title. We will review your appeal and respond. Please include as much of the following information as possible to expedite unban requests.Gamer Name:Date of Ban:ArmA, Teamspeak, or Both?:ArmA ID:Reason for Ban:Comments: (This is where you make your appeal)Once posted, only the Appeal Requester, Command Staff, and the responding admin (the one that issued the ban) are to respond to ban appeals. Others who are not of those groups will have their posts removed.
  6. TS3 Server Information

    15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit Teamspeak Address: ts.15thmeu.net Password: 152007
  7. 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit Public Server Information and Bug Report Thread Server Name: 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server |RHS| |TFAR| CBA| ACE| CUP| Password: tangent This Thread Last Updated: 23 JUN 2017 Color Codes: Green = Working, minimal bugs Orange = Some bugs, still playable Red = Unworking, mission is not playable ArmA 3 Recruiting Server Missions: 1 - Altis Altis Insurgency 2 - Takistan Takistan Insurgency 3 - Chernarus Chernarus Insurgency 4 - Sahrani Sahrani Insurgency 5 - Tanoa Tanoa Insurgency 6 - Malden Tanoa Insurgency Get the Required Mods from Steam Mods Required: CBA_A3 3.2 RHS USAF 4.2.1 RHS AFRF 4.2.1 RHS GREF 4.2.1 CUP Terrains Complete(or you can use Maps and Core) ACE 3.10.2 Mods Recommended ArmA 3 STHUD Task Force Arrowhead Radio 1.0RC245 Mod Problems, Check out this guide: http://15thmeu.net/forums/index.php?topic=55800.0;topicseen AmmoBox Request can be submited Here If you experience an issue or bug on the server, please utilize the below format and post it as a reply here [b]Mission Name:[/b] [b]Bug/Issue/Error:[/b] [b]Severity (Major/Minor):[/b] [b]Suggestions (If any):[/b] Respectfully, SSgt Bayless Server Rules [li]No Hacking or cheating[/li] [li]No Racial Slurs or sexist remarks[/li] [li]No Blue on Blue[/li] [li]Weapons Safe on base[/li] [li]Only Run Approved Client Side Mods(Refer to bottom of post)[/li] [li]Only 15th members may be voted as admins to perform basic admin functions[/li] [li]Pilots must be on TeamSpeak and using Task Force Radio[/li] Approved Client Side Mods Approved ShackTac Group HUD Compass and Watch Enlarger ShackTac Stamina Bar ShackTac Nametags ACE chestpack Advanced Movement Not Allowed Blastcore A3 Blastecore Tracers A3 J.S.R.S. Sound (Full, Lite) MrF Rangefinder MkII Speed of Sound JSRS DRAGON Fyre Eden