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  1. Recruit Training Schedule (mouse-over a date to read the details of the class)  INTRODUCTION Hello Recruits, If you already haven't make sure you read this "Read First" thread before signing up for RCT The calendar above provides the schedule of Recruit Training classes. Mouse-over a date to read details about the class. New recruits are required to attend 1 Recruit Training Class to progress in the entry training pipeline. The entire pipeline must be completed to enter the unit. Each Class has a student limit of 16 people so make sure you're o
  2. Welcome Recruits to the 15th MEU Realism Unit's Recruit Training Pipeline! Please make sure you read through this as it contains a lot of important information regarding Recruit training so you can have an enjoyable and knowledge-filled time with us! Are your mods correct? The welcome message you received from the recruiter states you need to have checked your mods with them; PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP for any recruit classes until you have tested the mods in an official server with your recruiter. If you're holding up the class due to errors in any way, the instru
  3. Hello everyone, Please read all of this before you sign up for one of our Recruit Training classes. Sign up. Classes and cycles may be cancelled or postponed if a minimum class size is not met. Instructors shall make this determination by who has signed up, so make sure you are signed up at least 8 hours ahead of class start. Don't be late. Be prepared. You must have your mods working when class starts. It is your responsibility to have all of your mods functioning before the allotted class time. Instructors have the right to cycle you out of the class if y
  4. Post imgur or other photo share link here. Copy+paste the attendance from the Recruit Training Day 3 completion report.
  5. The Road For Recruits The purpose of this thread is to give current and future recruits a better understanding of the 15th MEU Realism Unit entry level career path. In brief: Create a forum account. Apply to the unit and be accepted. Get in touch with your Recruiter and test your mods in an official server. Sign up for Recruit Training Complete Recruit Training and attend a rifle range. Sign up for an Infantry Training Battalion class cycle. Complete all 3 days of ITB in order and graduate. Report in to your designated Section.
  6. Recruit Training Instructors and Schedule: Updated 01OCT21 Chief instructor: @Sgt R. Parks Tuesdays at 1800: Senior: @2ndLt Lyman Assistant: @Cpl D. Johansen Wednesdays at 1700: Senior: @Sgt Marquez Assistant: @Cpl Tage Fridays at 2000: Senior: @Capt K. Zheng Assistant: @Sgt R. D. Martin Saturdays at 1500: Senior: @Sgt R. Parks Assistant: @Sgt D. J. Peterson Recruit Instructor Standbys: N/A
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