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  1. You are right. Amperage was the issue, the universal laptop charger produced around 4.5 amps, after 20mins it blew up. I will have to look for another alternative. Thanks to your BRAINSSSS for helping out on this. Tred
  2. Hi, I need a little help with a project that I'm currently working on to keep my laptop charged for a minimum of two hours. The plan is to: Use a CCTV power supply to charge a car battery, the car battery then will keep my laptop charged using a universal laptop charger (which converts 12V to 19V). The case now is, my laptop needs 120W and the universal charger provide 90W. Will the 90W charger damage the laptop in any way? Thanks in advance
  3. Go to Resources Monitor and see what's consuming so much.
  4. What's wrong with it ?
  5. Name: H. Tred Rank: 1stLt Billet: 7513 Section: HMLA-369 "Gunfighters" Are you Game Admin Qualified: Yes Additional Duties (S-Shops or Instructors): None Link to SMF Profile:;u=31