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  1. Application View Application Status Douvry Submitted 07/17/2019 04:21 PM Last Name Douvry Timezone UTC Country
  2. . not sure what ace is or how to contact someone outside of the forums?
  3. issue is i am a pilot, i know jack crap about infantry running, usually i run unarmed supply aircraft with troop insertion and extraction along with supply runs, i do not know the radio freq needed or what rules you have in place that a pilot needs to do. is there a specific place that i can go for help with this? is there a location on your forum that has a Q/A with it or someone that i can talk to that can teach me what is required and what is needed for me to join in and be a productive member of the server?
  4. hello, I'm new to arma3 and i bought and joined it because of the videos i have seen from this server, my question is where can i learn the radio chatter that i hear all the time in the videos? the understanding of what is being said and what it requires to be done is what i am seeking. i can find no explanation on you-tube or the forums which is why i am asking here. i want to join in on the server and play but because i don't know the radio chatter I'm worried about jumping i and messing other peoples games up.
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