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  1. All: The final joint roster can be found here. Please check and make sure you are on here if you signed up for a slot. Some of our reserve slots were limited due to server numbers so you may not appear on the official roster. Suggest you show up on the night of the operation and see if we can get you in. There is a slight delay on updating the standby group as we do not have edit perms on the official roster managed by the 75th (Cpl Lang appears on the roster twice). We are working on this. Operation Rolling Dawn Joint Op Roster @Maj De Mu
  2. Available slot sign up sheet Sign up sheet will be updated as staff is able. Please post below what slot you would like to take. Slots are limited to billets you are currently qualified to fill, or below. Pilot slots are for 1x Gunfighter 1, and 1x Gunfighter 2. SITUATION Four months ago, a thirteen year land dispute between the Russian and Turkish Government was ended when Russian affiliate paramilitary forces invaded and secured the island of Kefken. This island, primarily occupied by Turkish citizens quickly fell to the Invading force. Currently mar
  3. Welcome to the 15th MEU forums! If this is your first visit here, and you're interested in joining the unit, This video is meant to give you a "brief" insight into what our Recruit and Training class's are like. These classes are meant to help integrate new members into the 15th MEU and be ready to fight as soon as they graduate. This video is NOT a replacement of those class's. Think of it as something to look at as if this is something YOU see yourself wanting to do. The 15th MEU isn't for everybody.
  4. 15th MEU Realsim Unit operations happen at 19:00CST on Sundays, that's 7:00pm Central Standard Time in time zone GMT -6, and typically last no more than 3 hours. To calculate the time operation time in your time zone take the operation time (19:00CST / 7pm / GMT -6), add the offset to get back to 0 GMT (+6), add your own time zone offset (see picture below). If you are in or east of time zone GMT -1 (Azores or Cape Verde) you will be into the Monday. Example: France (GMT +1) = 7pm + 6 (to get back to 0 GMT) + 1 = from 2am Monday morning until 5am (02:00 to 05:00) your
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