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  1. Archer 2 Things

    Sometimes I feel like this happens too much to me... I suggest reading this with this video in the background for dramatic effect:
  2. Archer 2 Things

    Based on a true story, this shows that cats are truly evil!
  3. Archer 2 Things

    NOTE TO SELF: Sandbags are more dangerous than bullets! - A link to Sgt.H Taylor's video where the sandbag testing went down.
  4. Archer 2 Things

    A collection of unbelievably horrible drawings of things that happen in Archer 2.
  5. Recruiting Server Adventures

    It's exhausting running around all the time, even this CSAT troop had to take a break!
  6. Recruiting Server Adventures

    We're the backup for the A-Team...
  7. Recruiting Server Adventures

    The leaning tower of Pisa was actually inspired by these tyres, shame they couldn't capture it's true beauty...
  8. Recruiting Server Adventures

    We decided to turn Pvt Khaos into a firework because it's nearly Halloween!
  9. Recruiting Server Adventures

    Sgt Nguyen hasn't gotten a chance to eat in the past 4 weeks!
  10. Recruiting Server Adventures

    Measuring walls with the Vector 21... did you know the average marine is about 2 meters tall?
  11. Issues with MODS

    Just curious which server were you using?
  12. NAT Type

    Johansen you get this sorted? As the Capt said putting the IP for you console or device into the DMZ should work, otherwise you could open ports for your devices and games, plenty of tutorials online for it. Anyways found this on the TP-Link FAQ page might help you out:
  13. Cinematic Shots

    Bohemia give this man a job!
  14. ACE Interaction Menu Problem

    Did you check to see if the ACE Interact button was changed or unbound and did anyone else have the same problem?
  15. New Forum Check-In

    Name : O. Scullion Rank: Pvt Billet: 0311 Section: Archer 2-3 C Are you Game Admin Qualified: No Additional Duties (S-Shops or Instructors): N/A Link to SMF Profile:;area=account;u=85553