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  1. I wouldn't worry about messing up someone elses game and I'm sure anyone would be glad to help in-game. What your looking for though is radio etiquette and usually playing and listening to the radios is a good way of picking it up.
  2. @Sgt Mandaville I would get onto your ISP and see what they can tell you about it from their side, mostly they'll run through their useless BS such as speed tests and changing to dual-band and such to lighten the load even though in my experience it doesn't do much. Currently I have the same kind of issue and the engineer that comes out to change my router has come out enough to 'fix' issues that we've gotten to know each other and he tells me even with an unlimited plan or any plan, that the ISP will tend to throttle you especially at peak times to adhere to everyone on the line, kind of like
  3. "Archer 2-3. Home. At least it used to be until I fucked everything up... wait no I went to reserves"
  4. Try running as an administrator.
  5. I don't know what your ISP's package is for your internet, could be a chance that they are throttling you or prioritising others on the line first. Happens a lot to me, just get on the phone, threaten to leave for a better deal somewhere else, get yourself a fix and possibly a free deal. Though chances are it's what Zahj said and it could be bye bye time for the router. However some questions, does it cut out on just the PC or is all devices connected cut from it? Is there any other internet devices between the router and the PC that may cause interference (though this shouldn't b
  6. 1512 x 229 is what I used and I got it from Photoshop.
  7. "What the hell are you guys laughing about?" - 2-3 in a nutshell
  8. So we heard that Cpl A.B Johnson use to carry a lot of radios, so he has to carry every colour of smoke... right?
  9. Where the extra funds will really be going!
  10. Nice fanny packs gentlemen! OPERATION RIGHTEOUS RETURN
  11. Sometimes I feel like this happens too much to me... I suggest reading this with this video in the background for dramatic effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKhpE-oNoGY
  12. Based on a true story, this shows that cats are truly evil! R.I.P IMAGE
  13. NOTE TO SELF: Sandbags are more dangerous than bullets! https://youtu.be/elvMYRmMr1o?t=49m44s - A link to Sgt.H Taylor's video where the sandbag testing went down.
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