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  1. HM1 (FMF) Lockworth Reserves, India Company FPO San Diego, CA 92102 Caroline, I'll attempt to keep this short. As you know, the active portion of my contract has been up roughly a year and I've been a reserve sailor. But as tensions strengthen, I'm sorry to say that I'll be deploying with the 15th MEU once again. I know I promised that I wouldn't throw myself into harms way again, but with the call for experienced marines and sailors to fill in some of the missing ranks of the company, I have no choice but to do my part. We are currently on the ship ready to invade the place we've been sent to. Since I'm not currently briefed on how much information I can share in this letter, I will leave it at that. You're in my prayers, and I ask that I'm in yours, as I once again need to use this old hands to keep these relatively new marines safe. After the action that is soon to follow tonight, I'll follow up with a longer letter about what's going on and why I'm here. Along with how things go tonight. I'd love to hear from you soon. How's Koby and Claudia? I hope the old gang is doing alright. Much love, Shane
  2. I was very surprised when I looked in this thread and saw that this hasn't already been posted. This has been a thing for as long as I remember, and although I'm not currently an active member, I thought it'd be awesome to see this fun little tradition continue. Visitors to our forum- It has been a time honored tradition that during the deployment cycle the troops of the 15th MEU Realism Unit write letters to loved ones detailing missions, activities and thoughts as if they were away from home for the 6-7 months of a typical MEU deployment. This helps with the immersion of the deployment cycle and has, at times been very humorous for members and at times very realistic as they sometimes reflect actual content of letters written from real service members when they were deployed into harms way. These letters have, over the last few deployments been posted in the more public area of our forum to allow the casual visitor the chance to get a glimpse of what goes on in a realism unit of our size during the deployment cycle. This thread will be the "Post Office" for our deployment which begins today. If you wish to become part of the unit after reading some of these posts or watching some of our videos, don't hesitate to hit the join button, We are always recruiting.
  3. We should just have a thread with all of the old unit patches. From what I remember before the switch the archer, they all looked pretty nice.
  4. You guys have deployments now? Holy shit y'all have come a long way since I've left. (11NOV16 - 20MAR17) #neverforget o7
  5. HM3 (FMF) Lockworth Battalion Aid Station, 15th MEU(SOC) FPO San Diego, CA 92102 Dear Mom and Dad, Hey guys! I know my letters have grown seldom in the past couple months. We have been conducting a lot of training and exercises so I haven't really had time to do anything other than the current task at hand. But, with the news that I have just received, it would be insane not to inform you guys of what's going on. I'm being deployed. I know that I promised you guys that it would be a guarantee that I would only be deployed once in my career. But that was a lie. I knew that you guys would talk me out of re-enlisting if you knew that it would mean me throwing myself back into harm's way. But I can assure you that this shouldn't be anything too crazy or dangerous. Apparently, some ISIS groups have sprung up in some random ass tropical island called "Tanoa." But this is good news! Considering that we are fighting ISIS, they could have sent my ass to the middle of a desert for all I know. So at least I'll be able to bask in the sun on a beach or something. I know that you are concerned about me being deployed. Especially considering the near-death experiences that I had last year. Trust me, I'm not thrilled about going back against an enemy as well. I saw some shit that I would cripple myself to forget. Having a friend die in your arms from taking three 50 cal shots to stomach is something that could really fuck someone up if only I hadn't seen much worse. Things that I could not even bare write down on a page. Because memories like that are better buried with someone. So that they will never be known to any other man. But I can assure you that this time around won't be as bad or life threating (at least to myself) because of my current position. During my first deployment, I was but a lowly section corpsman. Which meant that I was with the guys on the front line at all times. With my new position, I am usually in the rear with command where it is safer and the flying bullets are less frequent. Although this doesn't exclude me from ever being on the front line getting shot at left and right, I am a little better off than I was a year ago. I'll make sure to write whenever I get the chance to keep you guys updated on what's going on. I know how you guys got a little pissed at me the last deployment because I sugar coated a lot of what I was experiencing. So I'll make sure to not spare you guys any details. Your loving son, Shane
  6. For some reason, whenever I open my launcher and go to change the mods, it always says I can't because my game's open. I've closed out of all things related to Arma in Task Manager and I've restarted my PC but so far nothing seems to be working. **DISREGARD I FOUND THE SOLUTION**
  7. It worked! I have no idea why I didn't try that in the first place. Thanks!
  8. I have no idea why this started happening. But for some reason, when I play the game with the 15th main pack like I do 99.9 percent of the time and I hop into an aircraft either as pilot or passenger, I can't see anything. To go more in depth, say I hop in a fixed wing as the pilot. I can't see anything except for the terrain around me. Even the buildings and pretty much everything other than the ground is gone as well. Now, when I take off, I can see the aircraft, but I still can't see anything else except for the ground. I was wondering if anyone had heard of this glitch again and/or if you know of a solution?
  9. Hop on TS if you can real quick and we can talk about it
  10. Do you need all new parts or only like the graphics card?
  11. HR Lockworth Weapons Platoon, India Company FPO San Diego, CA 92102 Dear Dad, Hey Dad! I hope this reaches you well. My company has recently been in it's first "operation" a couple days ago. We were assaulting a town somewhere near the coast. I was in the area with 3rd Platoon and the bit of Weapons that was assigned to that same area. After a bit of fire support up on a hill, my section moved down to a new position and met up with 3rd platoon. It was at that moment that we ran into a squad that didn't have a corpsman due to medical issues for that operation. So I had to stay behind and help people out while my section moved to another position. It was crazy. Thankfully, there were no KIA's in the section that I was looking after. Which hopefully means that I'm doing my job. These really are great men and I would give my life to make sure that nothing happens to them on this deployment. Don't tell mom, but I did get hit by a bit of shrapnel after we were hit by a bombardment of mortar strikes. But thankfully, it was only a gash and I was able to fix myself up and with the aid of another corpsman, I was back in fighting condition. It's still pretty sore now, but we have made it back to the FOB since then and I have gotten proper medical care. I knew this would happen at some point of the deployment. But I didn't think it would happen this soon. While I was bandaging up a few marines, I spotted a rifleman from 3rd platoon get mowed down by a machine gun. When I ran to his aid, he was still alive, so I dragged him into cover and started working on him. But, after I got him stable and was giving him an IV to get blood back in his system, his heart stopped pumping, and even though CPR was being administered, he died right there in my arms. Since then I have been doing a lot of thinking. And I made a promise to myself and god that I would never let another marine die in my care again. If I am working on him, he will live. I just need to repeat saying that in my head until I start to believe it. Thankfully, we have a little bit until our next operation. So I have a bit of time to spend time with friends and calm down after all of the events that happened a couple days ago. From seeing terrible wounds and having to treat them, being fired at myself and being very close to death at times, to even seeing good men die right in front of me. There are a lot of things that I need to think about and calm down about. By the time this letter reaches you, I will probably be starting to get ready for the next operation. So please wish me luck in being able to not only save my buddies lives, but also my own. Until next time, Shane
  12. HR Lockworth Weapons Platoon, India Company FPO San Diego, CA 92102 Dear Dad, Hey Dad! Sorry I haven't written you in a while. Between training and the deployment, I have been pretty busy. We are currently on the ship and on our way to some place called Corodcas. It's some place in the southern part of South America. To be honest, I'm pretty nervous. I was just assigned to 4-1. (That's a section in the weapons platoon.) Apparently, being a weapons or section corpsman is a bit different from a rifle or squad corpsman. So prior experiences with fun field days as a squad corpsman is not going to help me all that much. Unfortunately, since I just got assigned to my new platoon, I wasn't able to participate as a corpsman in any FTX's. So I'm going to have to adjust real quick to the way this platoon operates if I want to have any chance of saving my new brothers when the time comes. I heard that the old corpsman for this section was pretty good. So I just hope that I can fill his shoes effectively. So that maybe someday, my fellow marines will trust me to the fullest extent to get them home alive. That's all I got for you as of now Dad. Since we are still on this ship, there isn't much happening aside from the normal bullshittery that happens here on a daily basis. Tell Mom and everyone else that I love them and I'm doing good. Depending on how long it takes for you to get this letter, I may be already on the island when you get this. Also, tell Chloe that she needs to stop with the letters telling me how dead I'll be on a scale from 1-10 after this deployment. I'll write you once I land, but until then, wish me luck Dad. Love, Shane
  13. Name (including initials): S. Lockworth Rank: Pvt Billet: 0311 Rifleman Section: Poacher 1-1-B (I was processed to main unit but not assigned before switch) Are you Game Admin Qualified: No Additional Duties (S-Shops or Instructors): N/A Link to SMF Profile (should have a u=[profilenumber] at the end): N/A Don't have access to forums
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