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2ndLt (Ret) Kanefield

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About 2ndLt (Ret) Kanefield

  • MOS
    7599 Student Pilot
  • Birthday September 27

15th MEU Personnel Profile

  • 1) School of Infantry
  • 2) Qualified MOS
    0311 Rifleman, 1833 AAV crewman, 1804 Armor Officer, 1842 Armor Crewman, 7509 Pilot, AV-8B Qualified
  • 3) Corporal's Courses
    CPLC 101, CPLC 102, CPLC 103
  • 4) Sergeant's Courses
    SGTC 201, SGTC 202
  • 5) Staff NCO Academy
    SNCOA 301, SNCOA 302, SNCOA 303
  • 6) The Basic School
    TBS 401, TBS 402
  • 8) Auxiliary Qualifications
    CLSAMS, Zeus Controller
  • 9) Date of Rank
  1. First Name: Perry Middle Initial: A Last Name: Kanefield Age: 29 Desired Duty Assignment: 1800 Armor Crewman How long have you been playing ArmA III?: 3191.7 Hours Are you currently in an ArmA III gaming clan or unit?: No How did you find out about us?: Former Member If you were recruited by one of our members, who was it?: Why do you want to join the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit?: The 15th was a part of my life for so long it feels like something is missing without it. I would like to come back and try out some events from reserves to dip my toes back into Arma Milsim.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/acrazyhyena ACP Platoon Leader
  3. Yes. I reported this to the Web team yesterday, but no fix yet, most likely due to WSD and the site going down again.
  4. We will start gathering for this mission in about 40 minutes. There will be limited additional fill in spots, if more people want to attend!
  5. Reminder to all, this operation is tomorrow, at 1700. Look forward to stomping some covies with you all!
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