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    7513 Pilot, AH-1/UH-1 Qualified

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    0311 Rifleman, HM-8404 Hospital Corpsman, 1812 M1A1 Tank Crewman, 7509 Pilot, AV-8B Qualified, 7513 Pilot, AH-1Z/UH-1Y Qualified, 0402 Logistics Officer, 0911 Drill Instructor, 7566 Pilot, CH-53E Qualified
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    SGTC 201, SGTC 202, SGTC 203
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    TBS 311, TBS 401, TBS 402
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    CLSAMS, Zeus Controller
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  1. Unfortunately all of mine have hud elements in the screenshots, however most can easily be cropped out to focus on the primary action in the shot. I would personally encourage using in game screen shots over AI posed screen shots for an added layer of authenticty, if fellow (E) Marines do share operational screen shots over posed screen shots.
  2. Name of Item(s): Utility Cap Marpat-WD and Utility Cap Marpat-D Item(s) Classname(s): rhs_8point_marpatwd / rhs_8point_marpatd Reason for request: No specific reason outside of it would be nice to have them back in the box for ArmA 2 nostalgia / additional bit of Marine Uniform
  3. Name of Item(s): HGU-84 Series of helmets Item(s) Classname(s): "FIR_HGU84P" "FIR_HGU84P_Black" "FIR_HGU84P_Green" "FIR_HGU84P_Marpat_D" "FIR_HGU84P_Marpat_W" Reason for request: Marine Pilot Helmet, Firewill updated his pack as of yesterday, which addes more variants of the HGU-84, including Marpat, obviously being the helmet Marines use it would be good to have these in our box, as we already have the FIR HGU-84 in the public server aresenal .
  4. Mod Name: Replace RHS CH-53E with the RHS CH-53E Ramp GAU for the Mobile Respawn Mod URL: RHS USAF Reason: The CH-53E GAU Variant is what ACE commonly uses, and it would be nice to have that variant on the public server as it's already in the RHS Mod suite. Furthermore it gives the 53E some form of defensive capability on supply missions. It's a simple changing of the aircraft type in the editor on all maps. ========================================================================================= Mission Bug: All Liberations, ever since an update (unsure if RHS related or mission), the CH-53E's on all maps can be seen with the cargo above the blades, it's massively immersion breaking. How to recreate the bug: Simply use the Liberation load cargo option and then look above the rotors Likely Fix: Double check where the positioning of the crates in the script, it seems that perhaps the RHS devs played around with the 53 and changed where it detects the birds position from and therefore has offset the crates. Reason: Immersion breaking, and should be a simple fix.
  5. ITX 02-20 Odin from the Air Odin from the ground tagging along with @Capt R. Bruce @Sgt Sanderson and Archer 2 Endex Feat. @Capt De Munck @1stLt Solo @2ndLt S. Parks @2ndLt K. Zheng @Sgt Hodos @Pvt Law
  6. Various Public Server Photos 26 JAN - 28 JAN @2ndLt Kulesza contemplating life after a spicy turn into base went wrong, happy to report he walked away safe from it... and in fairness he just got his computer back so he's allowed to write one off, it was a army helicopter anyway Dust Off A bit of IFR Nine working hard in the Co-Pilot seat Nine and @Pvt Khan working together as a spotter and sniper team Hanging around the watercooler A bit of a night fighting feat. @1stLt Q. Robertson @Pvt Law (in the 53) @LCpl Kregdale @HN M. Krisanits (on the ground)
  7. Gunfighter 1, Gunfighter 2, and Warhorse 3 Combine Training Spool Up and Go @Maj Vegas @Capt De Munck @Capt Aleksic @1stLt Solo @1stLt Frable @2ndLt Costello @2ndLt Kulesza @SNA Saint @Sgt Hodos @Pvt D. L. Emery Feet wet Midbrief Carry On When you see it... Leading the Formation @2ndLt Costello Debrief
  8. Flashback to Fallujah Ready Up The boys @Maj Schirf @Capt R. Bruce and @PFC Moffitt Cabin Lighting Winter Stand Down ACE WIDE Getting Ready Lift Off License and Registration Please Stretching the legs with @LtCol Charboneau @2ndLt S. Parks and @Pvt N. Harwood Public Server With @2ndLt S. Parks Mood Lighting (View with Innuendo) ACE Gang Rep @Maj Vegas @2ndLt B. Tesla @2ndLt S. Parks Aight Imma Headout from this debate @Pvt N. Harwood Something Something Saigon Embassy @2ndLt S. Parks
  9. Gunfighter 1 Training + ITX 01-20 Gunfighter 1's Spool Up Brief out in the field ITX 01-20 Feat. @Maj Schirf @2ndLt S. Parks, @PFC Ray and @LCpl Kregdale's E-3 Gang Thanks for riding Uber remember to rate and tip Archer 2 Training 12JAN 2020 AND 25JAN2020 Back to the grind (12 JAN 2020) @2ndLt Khil leading from the front (12 and 25 JAN 2020) Having a gander (12 JAN 2020) Archer 2 and Company Moving toward contact (12 and 25 JAN 2020)
  10. Photos from Deployments, Trainings, and the Pub Server.
  11. Regarding the first question I would imagine if it's crashing, their may be something in the description or ini that references the CH-53E specifically. And the scroll menu option for arsenal normally occurs when the vanilla script is in use, the ACE arsenal see here https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/arsenal-framework.html while similar is a different script. EDIT: Assuming you don't mean something more bizarre like the menu appearing well away from the box, which in that case could require some further investigation, or perhaps seeking a different script. As for the last question, I would imagine the arsenal's employed in the missions are all linked to a singular script (I could be wrong), that or it's one configured box copy and pasted multiple times on the deck of the boat. If so then answer to question 2 should answer question 3 if it is just copy and paste.
  12. Application View Application Status Bates Submitted 05/23/2019 08:08 PM Last Name Bates Timezone UTC Country Australia Additional Application Fields First Name Alex Age 24 Desired MOS 7566 CH-53E Pilot How long have you been playing ArmA III? Too long Are you currently in an ArmA III gaming clan or unit? No How did you find out about us? Other If you were recruited by one of our members, who was it? Guest Why do you want to join the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit? Flexible schedule and free time coupled with changes to aviation and overall group leadership have re-ignited my interest in ArmA and the 15th, would like to jump back in a 53, or if full a 1Y or 1Z, if at all possible. Prior member? Yes Highest Level Completed N/A ArmA III Player ID 76561198004130690 Steam Name Ashun-tacu-lar Steam Profile Link https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198004130690/ Do you own ArmA III APEX? Yes Please check your user profile and ensure that the email address you registered with is correct. Have you done this? Yes Have you read and understood the definition of Realism Gaming and do you agree to abide by it? Yes Have you read and understood the requirements for our unit and the criteria for being active and taking a billet in this unit, and that failure to complete said criteria will place you into the reserve platoon? Yes Do you understand the fact that this unit is a CST (GMT -6) time zone based unit, and the attendance requirements of operations on Sundays at 1900 CST (0100 GMT)? Yes
  13. Sorry for the lack of response Steever.... didn't notify me. Well as a follow up I actually ended buying a new laptop. Well worth the $$$ as it's running ArmA on Ultra at 60 fps (even the recruiting server). But the reason why I am posting here is because I am now testing my Samsung TV screen via HDMI.... the issue is only occurring on the laptop monitor. And only when the screen is lower than 120 hz. It never use to happen but I think it may just be age sadly. And yes it was happening in BIOS. Thank you for your response. The cheap at dirty fix is just ensuring the screen is at 120 hz. -Bates
  14. Thank you for the quick reply to answer your question. Yeah I did consider that which is saddening, I had thought of testing a monitor via HDMI but I suppose it was more trying to rule everything else out., Upon checking Event Viewer I have found warnings that have mentioned the following. "The speed of processor 3 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 14 seconds since the last report." It isn't always 3 the number changes any where from 1 - 7 . As for errors just a few network ones but nothing else.
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