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    0311 Rifleman
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    SGTC 201, SGTC 202
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    CLSAMS, M32, DMR
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  1. De Munck's Combat Cam

    "You have unlocked the under barrel shotgun attachment" - Brought to you in 4k resolution
  2. Sound skipping. New mic or Arma? Maybe both?

    Before you delete A3, just copy all your mods + your A3 Profile (Documents - A3 other profiles) to your desktop. When you're done with reinstalling A3, place them back
  3. Sound skipping. New mic or Arma? Maybe both?

    Try backing up your mods/cfg file and re installing arma
  4. De Munck's Combat Cam

    When you nut but she keeps on sucking This is Mike Davis coming at you live from Yolandi, Corcodas :thinking: Cracking a cold one with the boys
  5. De Munck's Combat Cam

    Clara couldn't satisfy him anymore
  6. De Munck's Combat Cam

  7. 15th Main Pack Aircraft Bug

    Changes to CBA reset all of your mod keybinds including viewdistance.
  8. De Munck's Combat Cam

    The little EOD bot that could
  9. Need help with mods (ace_fcs.dll not installed)

    The repository mod pack has 2 versions of ACE. Also had some problems with my install directory.
  10. Need help with mods (ace_fcs.dll not installed)

    Fixed with the help of @SSgt Whitcome
  11. Need help with mods (ace_fcs.dll not installed)

    I'm getting this issue both in the editor (Every map & also on the 15th servers doesn't matter which template is being loaded.) I'm using these mods which I got from the repository Here is a list of everything that I've tried already: - Reinstalling A3 and removing all relevant files - Verifying game cache (no files are being downloaded) - Removing all BE files and let steam redownload them - Install fresh BE files from the Battleye website - Clean installing windows 10 + wiping ssd twice - Manually downloading the 15th modpack - Using the repo to download our modpack - Using vanilla ace version 3.9.1 & 9.2 (getting the same error) - Running A3 and all BE files as admin - Allowing A3 and Battleye as exeptions to my firewall - Deactivating firewall and AV (Windows Defender & AVG) - Tried making a new A3 profile - Launching arma with BE disabled
  12. Need help with mods (ace_fcs.dll not installed)

    Removing the .dll and pbo files gives me the same error for Ace_Advanced ballistics & Ace Advanced Medical
  13. Need help with mods (ace_fcs.dll not installed)

    Unchecked my BattlEye but the issue is still there.
  14. Hey everyone Ever since we updated our modpack I've been getting issues when launching A3. Whenever I get into the editor I get this message: After clicking OK it automatically boots me back to the editor. As you can see it's saying that ace_fcs.dll is missing, this is however not the case. Both .dll files & the .pbo file are present within the folder. (I tried launching the game while having the files temporary removed but that didn't help.) I tried replacing the .dll files using the regular ace pack that's provided on the repo but I'm still getting the issue. I have looked on google and noticed this was a known issue about 2 years ago, and I'm coming to the conclusion that it's happening because BE is blocking certain .DLL files I have BE installed and have not been banned from the game. I just did a CI of W10 & downloaded all the mods again using A3 Sync. (Tried manually downloading the 15th mods but i'm still getting the same error.) Having BE disabled does not fix anything & I've already tried manually updating it. (I have the newest version) I'm about 1% away from punching my monitor so I'd really appreciate any help that I could get. Help me 15th MEU, you're my only hope. You can find the .RPT file & a list of my mods below: https://pastebin.com/jpyuF5eE - .RPT File (Disregard the TFAR & STHUD errors, I haven't tweaked these yet.) http://i.imgur.com/ScVShJC.png - Current modlist (I normally also run TAO's folding map & 9Lines & Notepad)
  15. De Munck's Combat Cam

    Double rainbow but what does it mean?