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  1. Taylor's Silly Screenshots & Videos

    I know... I have a square monitor.
  2. Taylor's Silly Screenshots & Videos

    After having to become TF Commander Acting for 20 minutes and 2nd Platoon Acting for most of the operation: This is my wall.
  3. Taylor's Silly Screenshots & Videos

    "The Scary Door"
  4. Taylor's Silly Screenshots & Videos

    Captured Equipment: @LCpl Simons poses with our prize.
  5. Arma3snc launch issue

    How? Other people may have the same issue.
  6. Taylor's Silly Screenshots & Videos

    Simons hiding... thinks I don't know when her eyes are closed.
  7. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Baywatch, Altis Insurgency still has the Achilles dependency listed in the sqm evidently. Mission can't be read by the server for that reason. Also, I and PFC Echo had significant issues attempting to connect last night after updating TFAR... looked like Nagato was OK connected despite his update, but we were getting permanently stuck on the entry screen with no "connecting" or "connected" messages. No evidence of failure other than being stuck, and we tried for a good 30 minutes. Not sure if it was us, or if the server was just having a hiccup.
  8. Website issues

    Yes. There are a number of issues that have been documented and work is being done to rectify the issues. This includes that large number of things that currently don't work unless opened in new tabs/windows.
  9. Taylor's Silly Screenshots & Videos

    "Now Listen Here, You Nasty."
  10. Taylor's Silly Screenshots & Videos

    "You Better Wallsit Til You're Dead."
  11. Sound skipping. New mic or Arma? Maybe both?

  12. Sound skipping. New mic or Arma? Maybe both?

    3 questions. Is it an analog 3.5mm jack, USB, USB wireless, or onboard Bluetooth wireless device? Is it operating in a surround sound mode? Do you have an Intel or AMD processor?
  13. Taylor's Silly Screenshots & Videos

    Superman's Weapon Rest:
  14. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Mission Name: Altis Insurgency Bug/Issue/Error: requires Achilles files to run mission Severity (Major/Minor): Major Suggestions (If any): re-save mission without Achilles running (guess it happened accidentally at some point)