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Capt Z. P. Wilson

7513 Pilot, AH-1Z/UH-1Y Qualified


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  1. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    The Sub Network

  2. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    Flight Simulator Controls

    bump on trackIR, with the mounting clip for your headset if you wear one. I hate the ball cap. Works VERY well.
  3. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    Flight Simulator Controls

    If you're looking to get a HOTAS, I would find a few you may be interested in and vary the budget with your selection, including more than and less than what you think you should spend. Then, take those choices, go on a place like Amazon (I primarily use Amazon) and search each item. You will get a good idea of what they may cost there, on other websites, and (more importantly) the reviews. The reviews have always been very genuine on there, and will give you a good idea as to what is worth the buy and what is not. Usually anything above 4 stars is good, 3.5 is pushing the quality. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want. I would start with a budget controller, don't go spending at the TOP OF YOUR BUDGET right away. Spend a little now, see how it feels. Hell, it may just be a phase and you may end up dipping out on using the HOTAS over time (so you saved money). Alternatively, you'll love it, and know what to expect when looking for something higher in quality. You can then sell your current one (so long as you take care of it) to someone you know who may be looking to do the same (like I did) and buy your new "top notch" one when you're ready. At the time I purchased my stuff, I believe I made my first choice item at $200 or so; the X52 Pro Logitech Hotas. It was a good buy for what it was worth, decent quality, but the reviews were kinda crappy. However, I took a leap of faith and went for it. It was okay, some software issues, and there was some nit-picky stuff going on with the joystick, nothing major. After a while of using this, I decided upon upgrading to the Thrustmaster Warthog + the Thrustmaster TFRP Rudder. They're working out great for me now.
  4. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    Kanefield's Autobiography

    Added something a little extra because of a request. You're welcome.
  5. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    Kanefield's Autobiography

    Might as well post it here. Enjoy. D-day scene at the end.
  6. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    FunOp shenanigans

  7. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    The Sub Network

  8. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    Tater's Combat Images and Footage From The Front Lines

    49:30 Is like that scene from Saving Private Ryan where you thought he actually killed a tank with a pistol, but it was actually Gunfighter 2-2 that blew his sorry ass up. #Srynotsry
  9. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    The Sub Network

  10. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    The Sub Network

  11. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    The Sub Network

    Here I'll be posting videos or other highlights related to my experiences in the unit.
  12. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    ACRE2 Radios Dropping

    Well, swapped out the radios for new ones, didn't seem to help. On top of that, noticed a trend where sometimes radios would work if you swapped with someone else, or even changed hearing settings from both to left or right ear. Sometimes worse, sometimes better. It's very unstable at this time. Will try recreating my loadout without the radios included.
  13. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    ACRE2 Radios Dropping

    @SSgt Riggenti At this time it's more convenient for me to utilize the PTT and the cycle radio function because of my hotas configuration and some buttons deciding they don't want to work every now and then. I will try this and see if this resolves my issue, but there's no "confusion" here. It's an actual technical issue. Note: the buttons aren't malfunctioning when I'm attempting to transmit.
  14. Capt Z. P. Wilson

    ACRE2 Radios Dropping

    @C/Sgt E. Higgins I'm having issues with 152s, 117s, and the new ones mounted in our airframes. I have yet to try the 343s, but it's very finicky. I've found on one occasion that if I traded someone radios that they suddenly work. However, the same couldnt be said yesterday during some non mandatory training. Tried getting the same results, but now everyone had issues. This will be a very big problem until a solution is found. It's not just you.

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