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Maj D. Johansen

F/A-18D Detachment Commander
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  1. Being the one who oversees the F/A-18F in the 15th and have flown regularly with the E variant on the public server I know of the issues you speak of and I will be able to give you some tips and tricks to work around them for a more enjoyable flight. Though first I want to say that the F/A-18 mod wasn't choosen to replace the F35 because of its popularity or the media attention it gains around the world or the lack thereof in the F35s case. Popularity is subjective. As the good Major Caesar pointed out were that the Firewill F35 were incredibly overpowered in near everything it did with even a brand new arma pilot and it was insanely hard to be countered against during our official missions because of the stealth capabilities. The F/A-18 was choosen because it provides a more balanced platform both for ACE and more importantly Zeus. For ACE it puts the skill required to operate back to the pilots and it gives more breathing room to zeus operators who have the tool to keep a 18 on its toes. As for the issues you are experiencing. It's mostly down to the E variant. Details below; Targeting Whacked While the F is worse the E to has issue displaying the triangle or square on the RWR because of its sensors are more directed the further the distance to the target. As you get closer to each other they appear more consistently. In short you have to use your speed to get in closer to the target and dodge anything they throw at you at the same time. I'd advice an about 60-70 degree angle toward them. Head on can lead to a mission to the face Sights The sights are off by default. You can turn them inside the cockpit on the very top left. There is two buttons called "A/A" and "A/G". If you mean that it has no IR sights with the A/A missiles then those will appear with the A/A and if you have those missiles selected. Laser turns off This is a E variant bug. I know what you mean and for what I know of it you cant fix it. When I fly the E varient in the public serverI don't use any laser guided munitions. I use 500 Ib Mk82 dumb bombs and AGM-65Gs If there is a F variant in the server then we can use the E2 with the WSO. But as for laser guided bombs I'd suggest avoiding those entirely as they are RHS. We dont have Firewill weapons on that server anymore and I've experienced RHS LGB constanting miss where my laser is pointing despite that the same bomb from AWS would had no problems. Pylons I'd advice using ACE to load the pylons. The service menu build into the 18 mod is questionable at best The F/A-18 mod is very fragile and it is not uncommon that it breaks in some way shape or form beyond what you have experienced. Being editing by Zeus for example can completely make the pylons freak out. If you can use the F over the E. It is far less buggy. I hope the above provided some light to your questions. You can find me in teamspeak if you want more information or guidances
  2. I will try this. Thanks much Update: It didn't work. Even though I removed my files in "Other profiles" it continues to crash when I attempt to use the profile editor to make a new one
  3. To my absolute displeasure Arma 3 decided that yesterday prior to a flight for the JTACs that my profile and all the settings and controls included where to be completely reset and was refusing to work. After a complete redownload of everything I were able to get most back up and running with the very exception of the profile editor, faces, XML, etc. Every time I change any setting in there and click apply the game crashes consistently. I've tried with and without mods, running as a admin, steam validation however it is amazingly stubborn Are there anyone here that has any solution or guesses to have it fixed? Might seem like a low priority problem but without it fixed I have no way of attaching the XML which puts me against policy
  4. Type of Issue: Other Date Observed: 01/22/2022 Severity: Intermediate Mission Name: Altis and possibly other templates. Issue Details: F/A-18E are the default fix-wing on the server. Suggestions: Either allow the F/A-18F to be purchaseable from the build menu or replace the E variant with the F on the relevant templates
  5. Mod Name: FIR AWS Mod URL: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=366425329 Reason: This mod includes all the weapons and flight equipment pilots actively use and are familar with in ACE. Why this mod was remove from the server isn't clear as it is apart of the official modpack. The use of RHS and ACE armament is questionable at best
  6. @Capt Siddiqui While assembling the required mods I noticed that ACEX is no longer on my Arma launcher or in the 15th steam mod page. It seem to have been pulled from steam all together as I can't find it manually. If you can't find it either then I would suggest removing the mod from the required list so there is no misunderstandings shortly before join in
  7. Hey there The one in charge depends on what the subject you wish to discuss as different individuals are responsible for different sections within the 15th MEU. Can you give a brief description of what you wish to talk about?
  8. Been dealing with Acre2 for so long that I would likely be able to help you. Come find me on teamspeak in about 1-2 hours. I will be doing a Cpl course in a moment. You can also try the steps in this doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/153yZtDftKkSu0QtUOTXbcQw5MaTbLutkoTeX-PqGWZg/edit#
  9. Cpl D. Johansen will be attending. Armor lead if it is opened.
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