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  1. Reply to this thread with links to all media related to Operation Shining Descent | Halloween 2019 to include links to videos, streams, and screenshots.
  2. Well, I don't see any 'appeal' within this post. Only the admittance of: Disobeying directly an admins warning, three times Destruction of friendly assets Team Killing If you'd like to post an appeal I will be willing to read it. At this time, the current ban is upheld.
  3. Mr. Hewitt, You received several warnings in a few days period for the following infractions on our servers: Griefing Team Killing Racially Charged Comments One of our admins took time to sit down with you and explain the situation you were in and advised you of the action that would take place if further violations were committed by you. You stated that you understood and would comply with all server rules in the future. Then, barely 24 hours later, you were caught griefing, again. Shooting flares in the FOB even after being warned by an Admin. You were given far too many chances in my opinion. An admin even took time out of his day to consult with you and warn you of the repercussions if you continued your behavior. As I see it, you were given a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, warning. We very rarely give even 2nd warnings or chances so this ban will not be lifted at this time.
  4. @HR T. Savageand @HN S. J. Martinezgive it a shot now. Should be fixed where CMT members can now view and submit the form.
  5. Hey Ollie, try following the steps in this link here. There is nothing on our end blocking your entrance into our TS server so it may be something else on your end. Let me know if any of those options get you back in.
  6. Updated with the new Discord link.
  7. Ownership has been transferred here is the new link - https://discord.gg/5z6uxM
  8. Which ones are you looking for. I have access to the old forums and some of them are there.
  9. What is your TeamSpeak UID? @Spartan
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/15thmeusoc
  11. You simply just need to submit another application and state that you were a previous member under that name and the S-1 guys will find you when they pull you back into the system.
  12. Hyper X Cloud. Best headset you'll ever own.
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