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  1. before you say it yes i have went thru the forums from pass posts on this isssue i tried running admin mode, not using the launcher, uninstalling arma and moving it from my external to internal SSD. all mods required for the server have a greeen ribbon next to it so i know the signiture is there but the server is showing all the mods to have the wrong signature and im fresh out of options e-marines
  2. CHANGELOG OVERVIEW 24DEC19 Welcome to Unsung 3.0 Golf! This is a major release upgrade. In the past months the Unsung team was busy preparing this new Unsung version. Now onto the changes: We removed some sounds and music to maintain steam workshop viability, and added a new feature to allow for custom sounds in missions to be played back in helicopters and boats. See this PDF for details: https://tetet.de/arma/arma3/Download/unsung/docs/The%20Unsung%20Custom%20Sounds%20and%20Music.pdf Londo was very busy in this release cycle and brought to us: new huts, a beta of the PT-76B tank, a M-40 recoilless rifle equipped Mule. He’s also involved with the CH-46D from Odyseus, which we were allowed to port into Unsung. Quite a few uniforms showed the wrong uniform model and texture in first person view. This was fixed. The A-1 Skyraider no longer explodes when turned in Zeus deployment mode. The E-2 Hawkeye radar is now functional. The PBR boats saw quite a number of updates, one that severely impacted FPS when multiple boats were deployed at the same time on Phuoc Tuy. The handling and speed of the Sampans were also improved. Londo created a new fuel consumption script, which can be beta tested on the PBR boats and the M-274 Mule vehicle. Excessive smoke development when firing the super bazooka and other related hand held launchers was fixed.
  3. CHANGELOG OVERVIEW 19Oct19 Liberation v15 Fix Bug crashing people trying to join the server (terrain model error) Fix the ability to get a 343 from communications tab (not correct for that time period) so use the 77 when needed and voice to voice for Field Operations Added custom objectives to add flavor to time period Fix certain mission locations that were bugged or put in weird places Put identification marks on map for operations base to know where stuff are located at for new Joins Added jeeps for operation base for needs around the base hunger and thirst has been reworked still takes a few days to be effected by hunger and thirst Added VC Head Quarters for AO, now the General for the Operation is on the map ... (hidden) Added Alt Nam Map and Pyst map into Rotation Pass word invite your friends to experience what true squad combat in nam was like and to put your leadership traits to the test
  4. CHANGELOG OVERVIEW 10Oct19 Liberation v15 Added new buildings to complete a more diverse FOB updated cost to purchase items from the arsenal menu Broken Caps have been removed from map Radio distance has been reworked to make up for terrain loss Two New Liberation Maps Song Bin Tanh Psyfx Troubleshooting In the case that you encounter a DLC missing kick make sure you have all maps downloaded. Repair your old Maps, Unsup and Resup
  5. Format by 1stLt H. Taylor UNOFFICIAL 15TH MEU WWII Public Server Information Server Name: UNOFFICIAL 15TH MEU(SOC) Public Liberation Server |FOW|CBA|ACRE Password: none Address: nanw-ogs1.armahosts.com:2422 MISSION: Hello i am Cpl Medina and i want to bring you my hobby of mission making to get a feel for and not the same way of doing previous battles. These engagements will have unique triggers to make it immersive for the gamer to experience. Bring your friend to the front and experience true combat against a enemy that is highly intelligent and able to very much deal a blow to your high strung morale. This Thread Last Updated: 23MAY20 MOD INFORMATION The Steam Workshop is the fastest and easiest way to download the required mods for our servers. The link can be found below. PUBLIC SERVER STEAM WORKSHOP LINK (Work in Progress) Client-Side Mods Approved Compass and Watch Enlarger Enhanced Movement Cartridge Cases ShackTac Blastcore Anything not listed above will not be allowed on the server MISSION INFORMATION Color Codes: Green = Working, minimal bugs Orange = Some bugs, still playable Red = Unavailable DO NOT LOAD Magenta = Alpha/Beta Release, untested ArmA 3 Public Server Missions: Liberation *Germany *Normandy *Guadalcanal ANY PROBLEMS WITH SERVER PLEASE POST ON THIS FORUM, UPDATES WILL BE POSTED ON HERE AS WELL CONDUCT AND GENERAL INFORMATION Server Rules 1. Friendly fire is prohibited. There is NO exception to this; NO moment when friendly fire is acceptable. Violators shall be banned without warning. 2. Racism, harassment, sexist remarks, and general disrespect are prohibited. Violators shall be kicked or banned without warning. 3. Exploits, unapproved mods, and use of personal arsenal are prohibited. Violators shall be banned. 4. Misuse of mission interfaces (purchasing, recycling, etc) or negligent actions harming server health are prohibited. Violators shall be warned or kicked. 5. Game Server Admins(red/silver shield) may initiate a vote and may conduct a mission restart/change if approved by majority vote. 6. No player other than a 15th MEU RU member may be voted as admin. 7. 'Kingpin 4' slots are for S-4 staff use only. Unauthorized users shall be kicked. 8. Any issues with players breaking these rules can be reported to any Silver or Red Shield, or on the 15thmeu.net forums. 9. Asshattery is Deprecated. Infractions of these rules by 15th MEU members shall be addressed through official disciplinary action. 10. Abusing Opfor Equipment (IE wearing kits in an attempt to roleplay as or look as close to the enemy as possible) is prohibitied as it will cause possibly blue on blue incidents. Pilots' Rules 1. All pilots shall be on TS using ACRE. Maintain watch on TAD 30 when flying. 2. All aircraft CREW shall be in pilot slots. 3. This server is not a place for players to learn to fly. Please be thoughtful of others. 4. Aircraft are NOT personal cars, and shall not be left in the AO while still flight capable. Duty admins are encouraged to conduct periodic mission resets on Liberation missions and #monitor server status to retain server health. Duty admins can reference this guide for information on processing conduct violators. Radio Information work in progress 50 ARMOR Armor Coordination 55 FO Artillery Calls For Fire 30 TAD Primary Air-to-Ground 70.05 CTAF ATC Air Traffic Advisory 60 AIRSPC Primary Air-to-Air 80 GUARD UHF Emergency / SAR Channel Format by 1stLt H. Taylor
  6. anyone willing to lend me assistance in getting a liberatibation map for the pacific up (WWII) i have it made would like eyes to check my work i cant spawn at base and no unit will pop up
  7. Working on a Liberation server and a few questions i have is can i change the mobile re spawn vic to something else? when i try to change it to another model it crashes the script. also where can i go to shut off the scroll menu option for virtual arsenal? also how can i add the box with my virtual arsenal into the menu for men to buy it from the Build menu?
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