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    0326 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute and Combatant Diver Qualified

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    0311 Rifleman, 0323 Reconnaisance Man
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    CPLC 101, CPLC 102, CPLC 103
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    SGTC 201, SGTC 202, SGTC 203
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    SNCOA 301, SNCOA 302, SNCOA 303
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    CLS, Static Line Jump, Zeus Controller, CLSAMS, RTO
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  1. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Mr Nguyen, The mods would not create any conflict with our mods currently ran but do present an over all issue with the goal and over all objects we wish to accomplish with the public server. The mods the server currently runs are selected because they both are consistent with mods we use in the unit and that a large majority of the public arma community uses. Accessibility is a big focus of what we do. Modded servers are by nature less accessible and we try to minimize any further difficulties. For that reason I wont be adding any further mods to the server.
  2. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Its a weird thing that only seems to happen with this particular map, normally I catch it before it gets uploaded though. Next time your on check it and see if the issue is fixed.
  3. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Server updated
  4. Altis Life Server Setup Help

    Never touched Altis life man idk. Sorry.
  5. 15th, You've helped Me Alot

    Mr ODell, I remember you, I also have lots of experience with you on the public server. Its an honor to know we could help in any way. It means a lot to me personally.
  6. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Update 2AUG17 Renamed Server and matching mentions of to Public Server instead of Recruiting Server. Removed Password.
  7. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Congrats on maxing out the server today
  8. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Some of these changes have already been noticed as they got added slowly, Most of these happened today. ADDED STEAM WORKSHOP COLLECTION TO MAIN POST. Server updated ACE updated CBA updated TFAR Maps Added Malden 2035 Insurgency All Missions - (other than tanoa) Added new briefing(in map screen tabs) with information such as rules, ts info and more. Added IEDs Added ambush for cache Added Advanced Sling Loading Disabled Ace Cookoff Altis fixed player teleport to Carrier causing glitching into CT fixed vehicle spawns(lets hope) testing TFAR default channels Fixed MRZR paint job(not tan anymore) Cherno Deleted random grids in ocean Fixed MRZR paint job Fixed f-18 spawning and blowing up hangers Fixed random helicopters that didnt spawn Takistan Fixed F-18 blowing up hangers Sahrani Fixed f-18 blowing up hangers Fixed random helicopters blowing up Fixed MRZR paint Malden2035 Fixed floating boxes Moved F-18 slightly Moved some vehicles Some Module clean up also occurred such as removal of the vanilla sling load module that was no longer needed. Tanoa received no update due to its issues with grids. I am looking into this and will update it at a later time when that issue is fixed. Malden is still in an early stage of its life as a mission, I understand armor cant be transported and that was part of the challenge, some of the features are being looked at and alot of work is being done for this map. Please keep sending me your suggestions for Malden. No ammobox update has been done yet, so dont worry I didnt forget your items, I just did not have time permitted to do that update in addition this morning. If you notice a bug or have a suggestion/question please post it here, pm me, or find me in ts in the evenings.
  9. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Added steam Collection Link for an additional option of getting the needed mods.
  10. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    The reason we dont include the spray paint is because each spray leaves an object, these start stacking up and cause performance issues. Due to the nature of the recruit server, I seen this as a possible issue for some players.
  11. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Recruit Server is Currently Down for a Update.
  12. Best headsets/headphones and mics for Arma 3?

    Yeah Hyper X cloud II is what I am using, they have a newer version that looks like it might be the new winner for best headset how ever. Hyper X Cloud II <-- I use this one Hyper X Revolver S <-- Hyper X newer headset You will notice the Hyper X Revolver is like $20 or $30 cheaper, I believe the difference is the 7.1 dolby surround sound. Spend the extra money or go with the Cloud II
  13. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Im saying it dosent have them, and wont have them, Its not a checkpbo its having different mod than the server.
  14. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    Because of their update and decision to make them a true for everyone or false for everyone. I have chosen to not require them. I sadly cant move them on the server with out that requiring it for everyone. Since we are aiming for easy access, all inclusive fun for everyone, It is better to leave them as not required.
  15. 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server Information

    No it had exited itself for some reason. It was brought back up.