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SSgt J. Freeman

Active Duty
Squad Leader
  • Enlistment Date

  • Induction Date

  • Promotion Date

  • SSgt J. Freeman

    Staff Sergeant

  • Timezone

    • Timezone
  • Activity

    • Reported In
  • Length Of Service

    • Time In Service
      3 years and 11 months
    • Time In Grade
      17 days and 7 hours


  1. Name

    SSgt J. Freeman

  2. 15th ID


Combat Duty Assignment

Combat MOS

0365 Infantry Squad Leader

Combat Position

Squad Leader

Combat Unit

Machine Gun Section, Weapons Platoon

Combat Supervisor

1stLt Teed

Administrative Duty Assignment(s)

MOS Position Unit
8411 Recruiter Recruiter Recruiting Detachment Staff
0111 Administrative Specialist Recruit Processor Recruiting Detachment Staff
0111 Administrative Specialist Personnel Clerk General Personnel Staff
0111 Administrative Specialist PERSCOM Clerk PERSCOM Staff
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