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2ndLt J. Higgins

Active Duty
Aircraft Commander
  • Enlistment Date

  • Induction Date

  • Promotion Date

  • 2ndLt J. Higgins

    Second Lieutenant


  1. Name

    2ndLt J. Higgins

  2. 15th ID


Combat Duty Assignment

Combat MOS

7523 Pilot, F/A-18 Qualified

Combat Position

Aircraft Commander

Combat Unit

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 225

Combat Supervisor

LtCol K. Zheng

Administrative Duty Assignment(s)

MOS Position Unit
0913 Marine Combat Instructor´╗┐ SOI Instructor School of Infantry Staff
0931 Marksmanship Instructor Range Instructor Rifle Range Staff
4531 Combat Mass Communicator Calendar Team Member Calendar Team
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