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Taylor Trash (1stLt H. Taylor's Pics/Vids)

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This all is mostly gonna be silly screenshots. Occasionally I post a helmet cam video. But mostly this isn't serious. Feel free to comment.


MEU H&S may make any use, with appropriate notice to me, of recorded material in this thread at their convenience.







"Semper Gumby: Stretch Armstrong attends Fastrope Torture Session"


Edited by 1stLt H. Taylor
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Treasure trove from the deep, with some original or remade titles:


"LT Says this is the right way."

E1FCC0E71C652F99B7D50D94884047F21F415CEA (1280×1024)


"Legs that just don't quit."

DC9E618F4F129C158CD060CBEE9A4A378F323866 (1280×1024)


"Fatal Attraction"

4DE98108443B29F61617F1767DC125C50887B5E8 (1280×1024)


"Semper Gumby Part II"

4AB9BBBBE0E5B7A33A0CCF3F67E0BEAC8935FC7A (1280×1024)


"I Hear Titanfall Is A Thing"

02DB43D75A1E62C980FBD33D0623C46D740A420B (1280×1024)


"The Oat Talk"

385097FC53F3650A6D63A35111B81CEFC0AB5BD9 (1280×1024)


"You're Just Not Playing At My Level"

A15A454A96CA5BDE417D5D48C0EB6C43BFCCEA25 (1280×1024)


Right to Left: Tactical Helicopter-Boarding Badass; Tactical Pilot; Tactical Fatass

272FEB81011D81779ABFA0172C8B98916BA69E4D (1280×1024)


"No mom, I'm not getting down."

636DC1DADC6FE143E938B6057918A21F4ACCF842 (1280×1024)


"Proof Recruiting Server Genius Exists"

F7F67027382CF157FF118467F996C535473861C9 (1280×1024)


"The Oat Talk: Part II"

8A3679E04FB6158B0886378F52E4A490528B3798 (1280×1024)


"I  See You There, Sleepyhead"

36DB7B27BD32C14883A65BFFAB5488D2D82AA2FD (1280×1024)


"I Hear Titanfall Is A Thing Again"

4216A4C52670FEFAE60741126824730DCF053AE9 (1280×1024)


"That's not Titanfall.... 10/10 for effort though."

8E07D54580509ED41BCC92658ECCD3241D1D9A75 (1280×1024)


"All, Kingpin: Be advised, light fog likely in AO. Be assured, visibility will be OK... out."

7B1E0851EE5EAE4B5977C23A7BA75CD6544421F5 (1280×1024)


"For the space-critical operating environment, the USMC will now demonstrate the M-0311-A2 Infantryman, Collapsible"

84D4FA1AA6387B74B94FB7544EC4B64BAEF220FE (1280×1024)


"Красная армия(KA) File Photo: The 15th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment Conducting MOUT."

114BA0DC725F3E9C00E2400F8043A6E943443164 (1280×1024)



"The Warfighter Hovering Aggressive Marine Stance (WHAMS)
[Excerpt from USMC Defensive Tactics Manual]"

6FB060654D479CE2E9BA053D6E038BBC54022B7E (1280×1024)



"Awaiting Nightfall: Before The Raid"

9127326024E80C94BA6D431EA85D710954F13702 (1280×1024)



"The Raid Begins"

06D9BF6DE606A9E383BDD285C03201D48F58824F (1280×1024)



"Today we got to demo MARSOC's new Super-Marine."

A2042BE32ABE5ACB93403D358A2ACEF6A98C62C8 (1280×1024)



"How'd that get up there?"

"Shit, I can't sling it back down."

"Well how the fuck did it get up there?"

B546AB3747CC4CC3850374F38912DD3924E76E1F (1280×1024)



"Don't Cross The Streams"

FA18AB23163FC62A7DD2256858DE576B9880ECA1 (1280×1024)



"Viking flight reports established on top, Kilo."

180826D8547A70A0B00F043CEDDF2FED902D7A36 (1280×1024)



"High Five Bro"

B6613A473A1E2775CF27387CB7C887A029C6A11C (1280×1024)



"Hey what the shit is that?"

"Wait, is Avenger allowed to do that?"

"Well he's doing it."

38F8914CCF1BC8140BF3999C266F484C53E93B09 (1280×1024)


"Apparently they DO stack shit this high."

EF9DF0B9D582447C9479899F671F98F2C2B21402 (1280×1024)


"How to ground-loop, land canopy-down, get out anyway, and not get injured: A New Book By M. Franklin."

2FDC57F162054802C91F7CCCBEFABFFE1D94DA9B (1280×1024)


"Vic 2 checking in on 50.0, breaking from convoy and holding at Cherubs 3."

EF435771631811F73BFC921FC8B9644EAB89C87D (1280×1024)


"I'm on top of the world (hey)"

5DAED6A754D90BAFF86BB94C8A259274136AE003 (1280×1024)


"Lit. Backlit actually."

8F2BB25E58A37B4EFDC00C4BD5AA98200088953B (1280×1024)


"Our newest 2ndLt(T) leading his patrol."

347AC91BFC7C1DF67101DC6CFC89A20C96128316 (1280×1024)


"My Beautiful Airfield"

5BF0F9639E54B23956967B090D336BD9E36BD6C6 (1280×1024)


"LCpl Stretch Armstrong tries his hand at fastroping"

6B6C49818A1D87907C961665E8A5C66C1F0F7F43 (1280×1024)


"Formation for the Unknown Soldier"

9CC9260B70235B72146AAF4D0990E57CBDFD2BCE (1280×1024)


"Well that's a bit improbable" [Rearm System Goes Haywire]

9A207CA17009E16612626F27D47099440E770665 (1280×1024)


"Hey, don't sleep there."

3C5FDA732E908DF222521FB6F89B02C5284126C5 (1280×1024)


"Hambler 3 on patrol"

9B86A00DA4DDE863F641FF4FC58569745E9594A9 (1280×1024)


"MCAS Incirkli - Monument To The Unknown Soldier"

3F2A79E9D6391CA496245A4BB4CACECDEE9E2B0D (1280×1024)


"Whatever happened here.... wasn't good."

2AC0E8813E6F1943D62B85A4A9A1563880DCE289 (1280×1024)


"The Sign of Peace"

DB74CDB82E8D32409A78679AF8AFA28837F732F6 (1280×1024)



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Had to leave partway through, but here's OP Rising Cadence 01-17:


Edited by Cpl H. Taylor

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Edited by Cpl H. Taylor

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Rare Sighting: The Penny Sloth released from captivity, standing perfectly still in its usual method of avoiding notice.



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