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Col Penny


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You must register a new account and then check in to the thread in the Waiting Room. You may register through Steam or via normal means. Please get into the habit of logging in (after registering) through your email if you use the traditional registration method as your login name will change with rank changes (Steam registers will always be able to login through Steam).


Use this link to familiarize with other details on the new site.


Questions may be directed to me here or through Discord.

COL J. PENNY | 15M077
MEU Commanding Officer
MEU Command Staff



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If you have trouble locating your old account ID, find a post you made and click on your name, or go to Members/Search for Members and enter your name - that link will include the UID.

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SGT H. TAYLOR | 15M1884
Infantryman | S-3 Range Instructor | S-4 Mission Team
3rd Battalion, 1st Marines



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What kind of turn-around may one expect with the re-registration?  Understanding that there are a lot of folk to be re-registered.


I've been in a holding pattern for a couple days and seeing folks getting set up who have been updated within a couple hours.


If I messed up something, can I get clued in?

Edited by Aaron P Smithee

HM3 (FMF) A. SMITHEE | 15M1592
Platoon Corpsman
Battalion Aid Station, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines



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