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Cpl Medina

4-3 Archer 4 (Mortars) Weapons Platoon *OPEN SPOTS*

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What is 4-3?

•    4-3 Consist of Two mortar sections currently available that carry the 60mm Light BAF Tube. We are located in Archer 4, Weapons Platoon under the Command of 1stLt B. D. Stewart

Why not use the 81mm or 120mm mortar system?

•    4-3 Primary Mission is to support ground units and suppress targets of opportunity. Heavier weapon systems will make us unable to react quickly to situations that would call for displacing and moving at moments noticed to support friendly units. We Act alongside infantry squads just like a normal fire team element except we carry a Mortar. 

I never saw 4-3 in action in Ops? When do you guys get involved?

•    Believe it or not 4-3 is heavily involved in Operations whether it’s providing smoke rounds to mask a squads advance or providing suppression to allow a platoon to maneuver under fire. We always make sure our rounds are on point because that one round could save a buddies life in the field or that one smoke round could save a squad from being cut down in the open.  We also participate in CQB operations with infantry squads like clearing towns and providing security for HQ elements. 4-3 in a sense is basically a regular infantry squad but has a tube to rain hell down on the enemy and make a big boom!

What makes you so special that the other sections in the 15th MEU?

•    This isn’t a contest to see who is better it’s about bringing the rain down with a tool that can bring a lot of good to the battlefield. Rifle squads bring rounds down range to suppress and close width to kill the enemy, Machine guns bring heavy amounts of lead down range to keep enemy heads down and allow movement to contact unharnessed. Tanks bring heavy rounds in to crush defensives and kill heavy armored targets and prevent them from wiping out an entire company. And then you have Mortars, our job is to suppress and kill the enemy using heavy ordnance to destroy cover, emplacements and knock out enemy troops attacking friendly units. Yes, other units have their specialty, but 4-3s performance is on a show for the entire MEU! Everybody from Pvt to the highest O grade will see our work.

I don’t know if it’s for me?

•     That’s fine it’s not for everyone one, we do fast calculations (Good amounts of math) and require a lot of multitasking to complete our missions on time and in a fast orderly manner. We rely heavily on map tools in case our electronics fail and work alongside forward observers assigned to the platoon during ops to rain fire on the battlefield. We train a lot and are very active in TS and Discord. We have redone the doctrine to mortars very extensively and each team member contributed to seeing 4-3 come out on top in 2018; each and every marine has a voice. We work as a team and never leave a marine behind. We are strong-minded and train as we fight. We believe in this section and making it great but we need Marines that share our vision of kicking ass in 4-3 and having that recognition from the unit that we did a job well done!

How can I get in touch?

•    4-3 Section Command is Sgt Franzen
•    4-3 Second in Command is Cpl Galen



Check out this video from 4 Juliet (PLT RTO)  and his POV on our mortar operation







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As a fellow 0341 with Medina, feel free to reach out to me as well. If you're interested, shoot a pm over to one of us or find us on TS and we'll tell you just about anything you would want to know about what we do. I'll tell you this much right now - as someone who has been assigned as every position in a mortar crew, this is a very exciting and dynamic section that will keep you on your toes every time we go out.

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