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SNA Bahnasy

[SOLVED] new recruit and downloading mods [HELP NEEDED]


SNA Bahnasy    2

hi there,

i am seeking help about downloading mods from arma 3 sync and there goes the dilemma , 

right now the size for downloading  the mods is 23-ish GB , i am wondering that if i could download the mods from armaholic then i noticed that these mods is different in size from the arma 3 sync ,and i am thinking like this because i noticed that from time to time the app reset it self once it hit 362 MB of download and it stopped and done it again after 162 Mb of download


1.if could any body help me and tell me is the mods on arma 3 sync is mandatory because of its altered nature and tailored for the use of 15th meu or  i can download the mods from armaholic considering the rhs mods and the maps etc and regarding the 15th meu specialized mods if i could download them from arma 3 sync??


and one more question,


2.is arma 3 sync is mandatory for launching the game sessions with 15th meu or i can just launch the mods from the native arma 3 launcher  , 

i am thinking like this because sometimes and not always there are power cuts due to summer and heavy duty on the power grid and unfortunately this happened an hour ago  , arma 3 sync restarts the status of the download and i think no resume for the download 


thanks in advance and sorry for the long message.

Edited by Kareem

SNA K. BAHNASY | 15M3240

Student Pilot

ACE Flight School

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If you send your recruiter a PM, they will be happy to answer any questions you have


The mods from arma 3 sync are all guaranteed to be the correct version, if you download other mods such as from armaholic, you need to make sure they are the same version as those in the arma 3 sync, in addition, the 15th MEU mods are only available through sync or direct download. 


Your recruiter can provide direct download links for the mods if you are having trouble with arma 3 sync


You can and we recommend using the arma 3 launcher to launch the game and simply using sync to keep your mods updated. 


Again please contact your recruiter with questions as it is their whole job to help you. 

CPL J. D. STEVENS | 15M2999
Infantryman | S-1 Recruiting Detachment Chief / Processor / Personnel Clerk
3rd Battalion, 1st Marines





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