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B. Teed

Corporal Teed's Battle Log

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Hello everyone!


This thread will be a battle log from my first hand account during this years deployment. It will not be written as if we were in a game, but in an actual deployment. Hope you all enjoy!




Feel free to reply in this thread! Feedback is always welcome!


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0701 Hours


Our first engagement with the enemy. It wasn't terrible, but it ended in near disaster. I remember the hours leading up to it. The evening started out like any other pre-deployment night. Everyone was joking and laughing; they were having a good time. The comradery was evident, the bond between brothers strong. We were excited, anxious. And though no Marine would ever admit it out-loud, terrified. This was a deployment unlike any other. It wasn't a non-conventional military with sticks and stones against our armor and air. This was a military with an Air Force and Navy, as well as an Infantry unit. They had armor, IFVs, mechanized infantry. They had everything we had. They even looked like us. 


No, these were not your run-of-the-mill-insurgents. They were something new, and dangerous. 


But we are Marines! We adapt and overcome! And we never quit. Ever. But anyways, that night was filled with laughter and fun. People told jokes and picked on each other. We ganged up on the new Privates and told them the horrors of war. It was entertaining to see their eyes widen in fear. They will make good Marines and they are smart. Because only Marines who want to die are fearless. But they will soon learn to hide that fear. 


We geared up around 0400, an hour before we were set to step off. Of course, some people had issues with their gear. Missing things and such. It happens. We gathered around as 1stLt Murphy gave the briefing. The operation was simple. The enemy had no idea that United States Marines were on their island. We had the element of surprise on our side. Our objective was to hit the beach via CRRC insert and capture and hold the bridge connecting the two eastern islands. Taking that bridge would be a huge blow to the enemy. They would be cut off from reinforcements and the ability to regain ground would be difficult. We would make it impossible. 


The ride was cold, and wet. But hey, were were born and bred to fight air, land, and sea. We hit the beach about 15 minutes after we stepped off. It Titan was already on the island and Force had already scouted the area. Other than some hostiles in the nearby towns, it was quite. We hoofed it to our OPs and were ready to kill some baddies. But by God, there was no one at the bridge. It was completely deserted. No checkpoint, no patrols, nothing. We were all pretty disappointed. The night went on and we took no contact for a good hour. I thought Sgt Cooper would never shut up about how bored he was. But hey, he was right, we were all bored. But then things turned. The battle for the island began has friendlies attempted to capture Serval, the biggest town on the island we were on. They called for reinforcements, and the battle to hold the bridge began. Mechanized infantry and IFVs attempted to flank us, but luckily thanks to our top eyes-in-the-sky, they were spotted and quickly dealt with. Titan started engaging hostiles across the bridge in the trees and you could see them being mowed down by the powerful HMG. They didn't stand a chance. But then things turned a little south.


A fast-mover entered the fight. We never saw it coming. It targeted one of the Abrams, and unleashed a barrage of missiles. Titan didn't stand a chance. The tank exploded into a fireball. It was so grueling to witness as the crew attempted to evacuate the vic before it blew, but they weren't fast enough. Their screams as they were burned alive still echo in my ears. They cried for help, but the only help that was able to be offered was the sweet hand of death taking them to the next life.


The battle continued as more and more infantry began to approach to try to cross the bridge, but they never got close. Our Marines held their ground and prevented any counter attack. Then we got new orders. Take the airfield. The airfield that was across the bridge was a major point for the enemy, and taking that would severely impact their air operations in the region. We had a whole platoon, ACE, tanks, AAVs, and Force. What could go wrong? We loaded into gator and headed for the mountains. It was a bumpy ride and the crew kept us laughing. Apparently their gunner got several confirmed kills. 


We made it to just outside the airbase and dismounted, heading south. We couldn't believe our eyes. The airfield was empty! No infantry, no air assets, nothing. We set up positions on the mountain and began over-watch while a push was made on the airfield. This was too easy, I thought to myself. There was no way they would give up the airfield so easily. We then learned that that statement would indeed be true. Remember when I said they had all the weapons we did? That included artillery. I guess they had a spotter nearby, because sporadic arty fire hit the airfield. It was inconsistent and very inaccurate. This spotter was bad. Or so I thought. He must have been getting into position because the arty was walked forward an closer to us. It became less sporadic and more precise. This was not good. Then, hell rained down upon us.


The ringing. It never stopped. Shell after shell impacted dangerously close. Shrapnel and dirt littered the ground and tore through so many of our men. I could feel the reverberation of the explosions as they shells kept raining down. Then I felt a sharp pain in my side. I grasped it in agony only to pull it back and find my hand coated with my blood. A nearby shell sent shrapnel in my direction and tore through my body armor. I was loosing blood fast. Sgt Cooper was down. Cpl Ayota and I were the only ones in our fireteam still up. SSgt Russell was down. All of force was out of contact. We didn't know how many were dead. But you could hear the cries of our brothers. Hear them beg for help and call out for mercy. I looked over to see one of the new Privates legs blown off as he lay there convulsing.


I was in a daze. My hearing echoed and my vision dimmed. I got on squad net as 2iC and our orders were to head back east towards the bridge. I had no time to patch myself up. I started hoofing it up the mountain as more and more arty fire rained all around us. Then, everything went black.


So hear I am, recovering at the hospital on Airfield Corium. Doc says I am lucky to be alive. Apparently I needed over 2000ml of blood to replace what I had loss. He says I will be good for the next operation, but until then I should take it easy. Hey, I'm not arguing. Doctors orders.



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Excellent write up!

One issue, the operations takes place over the course of 3 days. Time between operations is no more than an hour or two hours.
So if you wake up 2 days later, you'll have missed out on the whole thing. ;)

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