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Not seeing any weapons or gear in the crate (public server)

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Hi everyone,


I joined 15th MEU's public server for the first time today, but for some reason I am not seeing any weapons and gear in the crate.

Might also be due to my lack of knowledge how to get ArmA 3 setup and ready for your server...I haven't played this game in the last 5 years or so...


I have all the required mods downloaded and installed (at least everything I could find on here 😞

- When I try to join though the in-game server browser, I run into issues with other mods that have been loaded.

- Hence, I tried joining via the launcher's server browser. I selected the "Setup DLCs and mods and join" option. But still no luck; I don't see any weapons when I stand next to a crate to select my loadout.


What am I doing wrong?

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You won't find equipment in the crate's cargo. You need to use your Interaction keybind for ACE3 to select the "Arsenal" interaction node on that box.

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First and foremost - we are NOT the real 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. We are an ArmA III Realism Unit with a very high view of the Corps, and a very high view on realistic gaming. We gather and play to simulate a Marine Corps environment, in honor of the real Leathernecks who serve. The real 15th MEU can be found here.


We play ArmA III using various community-made mods in a realistic manner in order to have fun and impart values of knowledge, leadership, and action to our members. Everyone comes here for different reasons, but everyone leaves or stays an e-Marine, and that's something that can't be taken away. Our goal for each of our members is to impart valuable knowledge to them not just for a game, but something that will stay with them for their life and hopefully make them better for it.

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