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  1. Actually solved the issue yesterday. You'll see them slowly start to creep back.
  2. Topic is locked. If you're a returning member please contact someone in personnel to be fixed up.
  3. What was the solution?
  4. Are you having this issue on the server? What ACE are you running? 15th or vanilla? And what all mods? What mission are you loading in the editor?
  5. Remove the ace_fcs.dll.
  6. You should be able to change to Source Editor in the top left corner of the toolbar and input raw HTML there.
  7. This. If I wanted you to get to it directly there would be a link. That's the database of all the articles that are used as the permanent stickies, yes, but that exists only because it has to.
  8. Any 3.1 versions of TS3 should work. Since Teamspeak has decided to start updating every 1-2 weeks the minor updates are automatically cleared.
  9. Load in this order: CBA, TFAR, ACE, RHS, CUP Terrains, maps, client-side mods. (if this doesn't do it swap TFAR and ACE. I can't remember the more reliable method but I think they're interchangeable). Typically though being stuck on the loading screen is more about network problems than mod problems. Mod problems usually just boot you out.
  10. Click the circle next to the post (if you haven't posted in the topic) Click the star next to the post (if you have posted in the topic)
  11. Turn off BattleEye. It's not used and sucks shit anyway.
  12. resolved

    No need to freak out unless something like this lasts a long time.
  13. ITB

    Normally? Up to 48 hours. With everything going on? Give them some extra time. Should go without saying.
  14. Asked and answered.
  15. Looks like you found it but yes, you have to create a new account in these forums and then check in.