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  • What does the 1833 MOS do?

    S1 Personnel



    The AAV Crewman is responsible for the operation of their AAV for the tactical employment of troops and equipment in ship to shore movements and subsequent operations ashore.  


    The Amphibious Assault Vehicle is the critical piece to the Marine Corps' amphibious capabilities, providing armed and armored ship-to-shore capability for landing on contested beaches in one movement.  The AAV's area of operation starts at the beach and extends 500 miles inland, the littoral areas, where 90% of the world's population centers, and subsequently combat zones, reside.  The main roles of the Amphibious Assault Platoon in the 15thMEU(SOC) Realism Unit consist of the following:

    • Transport assault elements, selected equipment, and supplies ashore in "ship-to-shore" movements.
    • Provide armor-protected mobility to embarked infantry who will dismount to carry out ground based operations.
    • Use weapons systems to provide fire support during amphibious and ground based operations

    The 3 man AAV Crew consists of the following:

    Crew Chief - Leads the crew and coordinates with embarked infantry to best utilize the AAV, while scanning for targets for the gunner.

    Gunner - Utilizes the Mk19 40mm Grenade Launcher and M2 .50caliber machine gun to engage targets. Masters the art of combat vehicle identification.

    Driver - Operates the AAV with a priority to vehicle safety, locating and using cover while providing the gunner the ability to engage targets.


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