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  1. Reply to this thread with links to all media related to SOCEX 03-20 to include links to videos, streams, and screenshots.
  2. Getting Started First you need whatever Broadcasting software you use to stream/record your footage, whether it be OBS, XSplit or another streaming app. Now you need to decide if you want to record everything on your Broadcast (including scene switches, overlays and other general additions) or if you just want to record the game you are playing to make highlights of. Local Recording for OBS To setup local recording on OBS, first you need to open your OBS settings. After doing so you will get another window pop-up. Click the Output tab on the left. On the above screenshot you can see the set a file path for where you want your recordings to go. After you have done that, hit Apply > Ok and you are good to go! Local Recording for SLOBS (SteamLabs OBS) To get setup for local recording on SLOBS, first direct yourself to: Settings > Output Tab. From here you will see a section called Recordings, in this box you can set a folder for the recordings to be stored. You can select an existing folder or setup a new one specifically for this purpose. 1) 2) Hit "Done". Then you are ready to begin recording your content! Local Recording for XSplit To get started locally recording on XSplit, first direct yourself to: File > My Recordings. From here you will see a box called Recordings, in this box at the bottom, you will find a "..." button. Hit this button and setup the folder that you wish for future recordings to be stored by XSplit. Other Apps The above sections cover the two main streaming apps, but there are others out there that do just as a good job. You will generally find the setting to locally recording your Broadcasts either in general settings or other. If you have an idea for a streaming app that supports local recording, feel free to contact S9. Recording Gameplay Only Some streaming apps might just not support local recording at all or if you prefer to just capture your game alone you can use local recording software such as Fraps and Dxtory alongside your streaming software set-up. Have you figured out the prime settings? Do you have special knowledge? Do you know how to get the best out of the most recording/streaming applications? Drop a reply with any and all tips that you've learned! Share the knowledge.
  3. The S-1 Personnel Staff, Headquarters, and Command Staff of the 15th MEU Realism Unit would like to congratulate the following individuals for successfully meeting the requirements and approval for promotion. They are to be afforded the respect that accompanies their new rank, and will be expected to uphold their new responsibilities and higher standards as is appropriate. We wish them continued success in their e-Marine careers. Approved by the Command Staff, Effective 06OCT19 Promoted to the rank of Corporal (Cpl) LCpl Cervantes LCpl Shepard, D. H. Promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal (LCpl) PFC Allington, C Promoted to the rank of Private First Class (PFC) Pvt Colona, C
  4. Share links to all videos, streams, and screenshots in this thread.
  5. Please use this thread to share any and all media related to ITX 09-19.
  6. Check out the new issue of WAR, the premiere (fictional) Defense Industry publication about all the new going ons in the world as it tackles the recent events in Anizay. WAR is a fictional defense industry publication put together by the 15th MEU Arma3 Realism Unit, providing a deep dive into our current running deployment campaign, Operation Ardent Warrior. Publications like these are used to give flavor & further background to our storydriven campaigns to further enhance the immersion of our members.
  7. Please use this thread to share any and all media related to ITX 07-19.
  8. This thread will serve as a central collection of links to any and all media created while in operations taking place during the 2019 Ardent Warrior deployment. Videos, screenshots, graphics, memes, audio. Please provide context as necessary.
  9. Please reply to this thread with links to any and all media related to Ardent Warrior 05-19.
  10. Our last stream thread went pretty well, so we would like to do it again. If you are interested in having your stream shared via our social media, please follow the instructions below: First, reply to this thread with a link to your Twitch profile. This will enable to us to set up and broadcast a multi-stream showing multiple different perspectives via a single link. We'll be using the site Multistre.am to do so. Secondly, we ask that all streamers utilize the same format in titling their streams. This will help us look organized and will enable those that are scrolling through the Arma section of Twitch to experience as many of our unique streams as possible. The format to use should look like this: 15th MEU (SOC) |TF# | OPAW ##-## |Perspective Example: 15th MEU (SOC) | TFA | OPAW 04-19 |Pvt Boot 3-1-C Thank you for helping us spread the word! Please reply below with the following information: Name: Task Force: Twitch URL: Twitter URL: Webcam: (Yes or No) The S9 Media Team
  11. Please reply with links to all forms of media created during this event, including streams, videos, screenshots.
  12. Please reply with links to images, videos and other media related to Operation Ardent Warrior 04-19.
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