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S4 Logistics

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  1. If you are attempting to join our publicly facing server to play some Liberation and are getting errors like these… …we have a work around for you! With your Arma Launcher open and your Mod sidebar chosen, select all the mods that you'll need to play on our server, then click on Launch. Once Arma loads up, click on Multiplayer and use the Server Browser to find and join our server. We should be listed on your Recently Played list! Unfortunately, joining our server directly from the Arma Launcher is causing signature errors. This is partially our fault and BI's. We've decided to enable a feature that will disallow players from connecting to our server if they have the incorrect collection of mods loaded. This should hopefully help our server's performance as now it won't have to scan and kick ever player who attempts to jump into game with the wrong mod set. For some reason however, the Arma Launcher hasn't caught up with our servers configuration changes, and is throwing up errors instead of pushing players through like it's supposed to. If you have any issues joining our server despite the work around listed above, feel free to connect to our Discord server and hop into the #Help-Desk channel!
  2. Feel free to join us in our Discord server to keep up with the unit, ask questions before joining, or get help during your basic training! 15TH DISCORD SERVER Our same rules for forums, Teamspeak, or recruiting server etiquette apply. Violators will be removed quickly and harshly. New Discord Joins: Please type the following in the Quarterdeck chat: Rank and name: (ex. Cpl Hardcore) Billet: (ex. 0311 FTL, Haymaker 2-1-C) Any S-Shop Billets: (ex. S-4 Zeus) Shield Type: (ex Red Shield/Silver Shied). If you are a new recruit, or in School of Infantry, please type the following the chat: Name: (ex. Rct Hardcore) Link to your application: (post link) An Admin will be along shortly to assign you the correct roles. In the meantime please change your name to your rank, initials (if applicable), and last name.
  3. Calendar Change Request Form We hope to serve and benefit the entire 15th MEU Realism Unit with a tool to help increase joint trainings and assist leaders in assessing their respective group trainings. In regards to updating the Calendar, we are asking that HQs in the unit (Platoon HQs and Detachment Commanders) use the below form to request an update/addition to the calendar under their respective command. This form was created in an attempt to expedite updates to the calendar greater than once a month. REMEMBER, THESE SAME HQs SHOULD BE AUDITING THEIR SECTIONS AND UPDATING THE ROSTER ACCORDINGLY. While we will still be auditing the Master Roster for updates on a monthly basis, it is our hope that with the teamwork of the entire leadership element, we can provide an informative and effective calendar for all members to share. To make it clear exactly who is responsible for submitting Calendar Training Time Change Request (CTTCR) ACE Detachment Commanders will manage ACE. Platoon HQ's (including all GCE supporting elements, and rifle/weapons) will manage their own platoons. Please do not submit CTTCRs on your own behalf, utilize your CoC for this. All request from unauthorized personnel will be denied. Again, use your CoC. Thank you from the Calendar Team.
  4. Approved Tao's Folding Map ShackTac UI ZAM Nametags Client FPS for Zeus 9Liners and Notepad by Chief Wiggum Zade Backpack on Chest Stance Adjustment Mod Deadfast's 3rd Person View Cypress Push-to-Hear J.S.R.S. Sound Mod RHS SAF compatibility for J.S.R.S Sound Mod RHS GREF Compatibility for J.S.R.S Sound Mod RHS USAF Compatibility for J.S.R.S Sound Mod RHS AFRF Compatibility for J.S.R.S Sound Mod RHS All-In-One Compatibility for J.S.R.S. Sound Mod Tactical Position Ready Salmon Headgear Accessories DUI - Squad Radar Not Allowed Blastcore A3 Blastecore Tracers A3 MrF Rangefinder MkII Speed of Sound J.S.R.S. Sound (Dragonfyre EDEN) LAxemann's DynaSound JSRS SOUNDMOD - Additional Weapon Handling and Reloading Sounds Anyone running mods on the Not Allowed list will be punished, as they are on here for a reason (server performance). Any mods you are considering running and are not on this list are considered dis-allowed until they are sent up the chain of command and ruled upon.
  5. S4 Logistics

    15th MEU Mod Pack

    15th MEU Mod Pack 15th MEU Mod Pack - Steam Collection 15th Pack Steam Collection Link 15th Steam Collection Mods included in the steam collection ******************* 15th MEU (SOC) Ammo Pack 15th MEU (SOC) Mod Pack ACRE2 RHS USAF RHS AFRF RHS GREF RHS SAF CBA_A3 ACE3 ACEX ACE3 Compats for RHS (USAF/AFRF/GREF) FIR AWS(AirWeaponSystem) AV-8B Harrier 2 Zeus Enhanced 3CB Factions GRAD Trenches Enhanced Movement Enhanced Movement Rework CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps ******************* 15th MEU Mod Pack - Manual Links TeamSpeak 3.5.3 ******************* Included Mod Systems DO NOT UPDATE ANY OF THESE WITHOUT CLEARANCE FROM COMMAND TeamSpeak 3
  6. Anyone looking to appeal a ban to our servers is to post a single topic in this section with their in-game name as the title. We will review your appeal and respond. Please include as much of the following information as possible to expedite unban requests. Once posted, only the Appeal Requester, Command Staff, and the responding admin (the one that issued the ban) are to respond to ban appeals. Others who are not of those groups will have their posts removed.
  7. 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit Teamspeak Address: ts3.15thmeu.net Password: 201915
  8. 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit Public Server Information Server Name: 15th MEU (SOC) Official Public Server |RHS| |ACRE| CBA| ACE| CUP| Password: none This Thread Last Updated: 26MAY19 MOD INFORMATION The Steam Workshop is the fastest and easiest way to download the required mods for our servers. The link can be found below. Public Server Mods Steam Collection Manual Mod Links (in preferred load order): CBA A3 ACE 3 ACEX ACE Compat AFRF ACE Compat USAF ACE Compat GREF RHS AFRF RHS USAF RHS GREF RHS SAF CUP Terrains Core CUP Terrains Maps ACRE 2 - Recommended; Required for pilots/crew FIR AWS AV-8 3CB Factions Lingor(Terrain) Isla Abramia (Terrain) Client-Side Mods Approved BackpackOnChest Compass and Watch Enlarger Enhanced Movement JSRS SOUNDMOD (With Compatibility packs for RHSAFRF, RHSSAF, RHSGREF, RHSUSAF) ShackTac Anything not listed above will not be allowed on the server MISSION INFORMATION Color Codes: Green = Working, minimal bugs Orange = Some bugs, still playable Red = Unavailable DO NOT LOAD Magenta = Alpha/Beta Release, untested ArmA 3 Public Server Missions: Liberation Altis Liberation Takistan Liberation Chernarus Liberation Sahrani Liberation Lingor Liberation Isla Abramia Liberation Tanoa Liberation TROUBLESHOOTING / BUG REPORTING If you experience an issue or bug on the server, please fill out the form linked below. Public Server Help Form If you have an armory request (addition of items), please fill out the form below. Public Server Armory Request If you would like to request that a certain mod be added, please fill out the form below. Public Server Mod Request CONDUCT AND GENERAL INFORMATION Server Rules 1. Friendly fire is prohibited. There is NO exception to this; NO moment when friendly fire is acceptable. Violators shall be banned without warning. 2. Racism, harassment, sexist remarks, and general disrespect are prohibited. Violators shall be kicked or banned without warning. 3. Exploits, unapproved mods, and use of personal arsenal are prohibited. Violators shall be banned. 4. Misuse of mission interfaces (purchasing, recycling, etc) or negligent actions harming server health are prohibited. Violators shall be warned or kicked. 5. Game Server Admins(red/silver shield) may initiate a vote and may conduct a mission restart/change if approved by majority vote. 6. No player other than a 15th MEU RU member may be voted as admin. 7. 'Kingpin 4' slots are for S-4 staff use only. Unauthorized users shall be kicked. 8. Any issues with players breaking these rules can be reported to any Silver or Red Shield, or on the 15thmeu.net forums. 9. Asshattery is Deprecated. Infractions of these rules by 15th MEU members shall be addressed through official disciplinary action. 10. Abusing Opfor Equipment (IE wearing kits in an attempt to roleplay as or look as close to the enemy as possible) is prohibitied as it will cause possibly blue on blue incidents. Pilots' Rules 1. All pilots shall be on TS using ACRE. Maintain watch on TAD 80 (SCA Channel 80) when flying. 2. All aircraft CREW shall be in pilot slots. 3. This server is not a place for players to learn to fly. Please be thoughtful of others. 4. Aircraft are NOT personal cars, and shall not be left in the AO while still flight capable. Duty admins are encouraged to conduct periodic mission resets on Liberation missions and #monitor server status to retain server health. Duty admins can reference this guide for information on processing conduct violators. Radio Information PRC-343: The primary radio for squad level coordination in the 15th MEU is the PRC-343 PRR. This radio operates in the 2.4GHz range using frequency hopping and is extremely secure, but is not capable of cross-talk with VHF/UHF radios like the PRC-152 and 117. The maximum effective range of the PRC-343 is between 500m and 1km depending on terrain line-of-sight. The PRC-343 has 16 blocks of 16 unlabeled channels available. PRC-152: The primary radio for higher level coordination in the 15th MEU is the PRC-152, which shares the same Software Communications Architecture as the PRC-117, as well as a shared programming personality. The maximume effective range of the PRC-152 is between 5 and 15 km depending on terrain, obstructions, frequency, and atmospheric conditions. Information on the most useful channels programmed in the SCA template is available below. The full list is available here. Chan Name Purpose SCA 01 MCALL Hailing/Common SCA 10 I CO India Company Main (GCE Primary) SCA 50 ARMOR Armor Coordination SCA 55 FO 55 Artillery Calls For Fire SCA 80 TAD 80 Primary Air-to-Ground SCA 92 CTAF 1 ATC Air Traffic Advisory SCA 95 AIRSPC Primary Air-to-Air SCA 99 GUARD UHF Emergency / SAR Channel
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