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  1. Yeah Gunny, I just heard that from one of your Captains... that my name comes up. That I actually never expected. Been a lot of moons since I was around so never thought anyone would recognize me. LOL But, yeah, you guys have been welcoming. So I just might re-download ArmA and get set up just to come pub for a bit, or sit in a training or two. I would love to see how things are done these days. From the looks of things, a lot of the aesthetics have changed; but the core values and things are the same, which is awesome to see. On another note, I just went into the garage and fou
  2. I'm not sure about filling in on some trainings or operations... but loading ArmA and the dozens of mods just to play a little bit might not be a bad idea. Just have to squeeze in the time between running some virtual games of Warhammer Fantasy and Twilight 2000 and spending time with my daughter. As for skulking in the shadows to ambush some new boot with a "Back in my day..." or "When I was in..." might be entertaining, now that I have retired both online and in real life. Just gotta find a mod with a Marine Corps baseball cap and long shaggy hair, to look the part. LOL
  3. Greetings All, I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I am absolutely amazed that the 15th is alive and well. Sorry, maybe I should introduce myself... My name is Patrick Tigernan, the first Sergeant Major of the 15th MEU Realism Unit. To give you a frame of reference, my 15th ID number is 15M005... yup, we didn't even have four digits after the 15M back then. We never thought we would ever need it. And when I say I am amazed at the 15ths survival, I just mean that in the grand scheme of gaming units... a couple of years is a long time for a unit to survive, but over fou
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