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Cpl Cianciarulo

Aviation Combat Element
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  1. Name: Cpl Cianciarulo Twitch URL: tr8z Twitter URL: itstr8z Webcam: No
  2. One with the 15th MEU(SOC) logo and one with the CH-53 crew chief patch I made.
  3. Not free. Actually pretty expensive.. Only have an option of 2 bad ISP's but if i move down the street i can get whatever i want lol
  4. Sounds good Col, kind got a little mad thinking I did something wrong Sunday because it would of been my first Official event back in active duty.
  5. Nope, my internet just sucks lol 12 down and 0.69 up.. Guess I can't do official stuff then?
  6. The problem is I'm in Titan for example I decided not to join back because we went from 2 tanks to 1 from me getting kicked and the 1 tank was full because of it so I saw no reason to join back.. Guessing my internet is too bad to do Ops/FTX's
  7. So I've been in reserves for little under a year and just came back to active duty. I don't know everything that has changed since i have been gone but on the TF staging server and the TF server itself i got the error after 30 seconds of being in saying "You were kicked from the game" now on the staging server i joined back right after this and was fine but unfortunately i couldn't join the FTX back because the server was then locked which resulted into Titan losing a tank and conjoining into one for the FTX.. Just want to know if there is a way to solve this issue, my mods were good as i just came from helping out an SOI class. If you know why this is happening to me please post below. Thanks in advance - Cianciarulo
  8. Welcome to the unit! You will see that here rather than a community we are a family, excited to see what you accomplish within the 15th.
  9. Its been said here a lot but I'd get the HyperX Cloud II's they are amazing. They also matched my setup lol
  10. I am finally out of reserves with a newly built PC. Expect new videos very soon.
  11. I'm rebuilding a complete new build the only parts i was able to buy and I currently have is the Motherboard, case, and my cd drive Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yhzMd6
  12. Buy me my PC parts and I will. I just can't run ArmA 3 anymore I didn't want to go to reserves.
  13. Since my ArmA 3 can't run anymore I been playing this.
  14. This is a photo manipulation I made today, changed the sky added the person and also added a few flares/lights along with multiple color corrections
  15. I also recommend the Asus VG248QE (If you go with it make sure to get the display cable with it) https://pcpartpicker.com/product/rkphP6/asus-monitor-vg248qe
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