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    0311 Rifleman, 7532 Pilot, MV-22 Qualified, 7565 Pilot, AH-1Z Qualified, 7513 Pilot AH-1Z/UH-1Y Qualified
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    CPLC 101, CPLC 102, CPLC 103
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    SGTC 201, SGTC 202, SGTC 203
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    TBS 311, TBS 401, TBS 402
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    CLS, Static Line Jump, M32, CLSAMS
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    Operation Rising Cadence 02-17 Task Force Charlie
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    Operation Rising Cadence Task Force Alpha Gunfighter 2-1 Copy When Ready to Copy
  3. Gage's Video and Picture Thread

    Most of our Friday Training with both UH1 and AH1, minus what could have been the most epic extraction ever had the server not bit the dust on us.
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    FTX 11-17 TFC Description should have working keyframes to different points in the video.
  5. Deployment 2017- Letters from the front

    Capt M. "StarGazer" Gage Aviation Combat Element, HMLA-369 San Diego, CA Howdy Family, Its been awhile since I actually wrote a letter home back to you guys. So how has everything been? Oh yeah, our previous Detachment commander finally went into reserves. You know, Captain Hogan. Poor bastard had been at this for years. He really did deserve a break from all this though, especially from our shenanigans. Our new Detco isn't too bad, really good kid. A little wet behind the ears sometimes but he will get the hang of it. And besides, as a previous detachment commander, I try to help him as best I can. So apparently I have been spending entirely too much time around our maintenance crews that I have started to pick up a lot of some of the behind the scenes stuff for our AH-1's. Although, when we were last at base I sort of accidentally **Redacted**. So now everybody has dubbed me StarGazer because of it. Thankfully though nobody was seriously hurt except for a few minor injurys. Oh and they finally let me rename my AH-1. God, Shiva was such a terrible name for her. Sad part is though is that I was watching Suckerpunch for the like the fifth time since leaving you guys a few months back, that I named my bird Babydoll. Kind of funny right? Not only that but sometimes it feels like she has her own personality when me and my co-pilot are up there flying. Some days she can be sweet and nothing seems to go wrong but other days, man she can be a real bitch I mean handful. I wouldn't want it any other way though. Well hey, our Detco is calling us up for briefing. I have a general idea of what is going on but no specifics. I will let you know whats happening, if by some reason you dont already have it figured out by the time this letter makes it to you. I love you all, Mike p.s. make sure to give Echo some hugs from me. Poor dog is probably missing me way to much.
  6. Would take me forever to load this thread with all my previous videos but here is the latest. Figure its a good place to start in our new home.
  7. New Forum Check-In

    Name (including initials): Mike Gage Rank: Captain Billet: 7513 AH-1/UH-1 Qualified Section: HMLA-369 Gunfighters Are you Game Admin Qualified: Yes Additional Duties (S-Shops or Instructors): S-5 Combat Cameraman Link to SMF Profile:;area=summary;u=5209