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  1. Something I forgot to mention. Perhaps next time we could brief in game. HQ, to team leads, so on so forth. As I don’t recall a formal briefing.
  2. ODell

    Cinematic Shots

    We don't all make it home.
  3. Thanks for all the likes on the cinematic Shots guys. Glad you all like them. More to come!

  4. ODell

    Cinematic Shots

    Thanks man! Glad you all like them. Don’t worry. Many to come. Gonna work on a couple tonight. A few for taking over Altis on the server and another 2. But I’m keeping it a secret. You’ll see tonight or tomorrow.
  5. ODell

    Cinematic Shots

    During Operation Silver Tiger. I was blown up twice. The first time I took the full force of an IED. So I thought I was recreate it.
  6. ODell

    ACE Mismatch Issues

    I think we narrowed it down to the server running extra mods. Or someone getting on the server with extra mods. Cause I ran the same mods I was running during the public Op. And I was getting the mismatch. It's got nothing to do with ACE. It was CUP's and achilles, and I don't even have achilles installed.
  7. ODell

    Cinematic Shots

    A recreation of the dismounted patrol through the city on our way to the first HVT.
  8. ODell

    ACE Mismatch Issues

    I believe something was mangled when you enabled the PBO checked. I loaded up the same mods I had on last night during the operation. and now I'm getting ACE Mismatch and a line of code mentioning something about CUP_Dubbing_Radio_EN and something about Achilles_data_f_ares. There is a couple more Dubbing_Radio codes in there, but for different language. This is getting annoying. I have the same ACE as the server. Nothing was touched between now and 2pm yesterday afternoon.
  9. ODell

    Cinematic Shots

    Yes I do. I think I was recently in contact with the unit twitter. --> TheRealOscarMike
  10. ODell

    Cinematic Shots

    @Sgt ZahjJust link me where ever you post it. Thanks bud!
  11. ODell

    Cinematic Shots

    @Sgt Zahj By all means do it up! For any of them I've uploaded. Anyone could use them for a youtube thumbnail as well.
  12. ODell

    Cinematic Shots

    Considering I was hit by a mortar... That landed directly on top of me when I was trying to get the attention of Takbir. I got creative with this one.
  13. ODell

    15th Discord

    Thank you.
  14. ODell

    15th Discord

    I don't have permission to view that link. Space the link or something.
  15. ODell

    15th Discord


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