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GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

0369 Infantry Unit Leader




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  1. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    You were kicked from the server

    I hope thats free internet and you dont pay for it ? Im guessing its the only internet provider around you?
  2. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    You were kicked from the server

    ^ what Taylor said.. you probably fell victim to the ping and or desync limit. Since you've been gone, insert kelly Clarkson meme here, we have implemented a limit that will kick once it reaches the limit.
  3. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    Cariddo Pictures and Videos

    Playing squad with a few people
  4. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    Signed up messaged my recruiter and still waiting

    As stated above, sometimes it will take about 72hours to receive a message back. It being Sunday today, is when most paperwork gets done, I would assume your recruiter will get back to you today at some point.
  5. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    Re-applying to MEU

    If you can get time to complete SOI, then you could just go to reserves from there. At that point it just requires you long on forums once a month, and attend whenever you can.
  6. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo


    Missing an operation OCCASIONALLY isnt a big deal. Mind you there is 2 FTX/OPs a month so missing one a month may become an issue. But one every 3 or 4 months IMO wouldnt be trouble. Yea and what Stewart said, make sure you let your FTL know.
  7. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    Cariddo Pictures and Videos

    Some recent screenshots on new rig
  8. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    Cariddo Pictures and Videos

    Well with the new PC running very smooth, I am thinking of making a turn back into recording and youtube and such lol Below will be a link to my new youtube page, content is still coming. I will make a thread in the tun tavern to get suggestions and ideas on what type of videos would interest you guys. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuJNd28lhken_cPMNeqsq1w?view_as=subscriber
  9. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    K. Byrne Video Thread

    Was really looking forward to FOB.. What is the status of it? You still developing it or did you drop it and just make a 2d version? That game looked really good.
  10. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    Ingame issues

    what graphics settings are you using?
  11. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    Ingame issues

    need more info, PC specs, mods used etc . Does it happen in other servers, other games?
  12. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    The best video settings

    I can take screenshots of my settings for you. I am on a laptop as well and have spent numerous hours tweaking my settings. I get around 40fps depending on amount of people and ai on server.
  13. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    The best video settings

    Best bet for you, turn resolution to 1600×900.
  14. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    The Haymaker Remembrance Thread

    I still am "kingz".
  15. GySgt (Ret) Cariddo

    monitor going black

    What caused the BSOD on the tv then? I am starting to think your gpu is bad.

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