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C. Johnston

Active Duty
Mod Team Leader
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  • C. Johnston

    Chief Warrant Officer 3

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  • Length Of Service

    • Time In Service
      7 years and 9 months
    • Time In Grade
      3 months and 26 days
Date Service Record Attachments
Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 3
Promoted to Warrant Officer
Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 2
Discharged: Retirement
Demoted to Private
CLS (AMS) Qualified
Promoted to Captain
Promoted to First Lieutenant
Commissioned to Second Lieutenant
MOS Qualified: 0370 Special Operations Officer
Promoted to Second Lieutenant in Training
Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant
MOS Qualified: 2336 EOD Technician
MOS Qualified: 0372 Critical Skills Operators
Promoted to Staff Sergeant
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