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    Promotions for 1st Cycle, January 2018

    Capt Roberts

    The S-1 Personnel Staff, Headquarters, and Command Staff of the 15th MEU Realism Unit would like to congratulate the following individuals for successfully meeting the requirements and approval for promotion. They are to be afforded the respect that accompanies their new rank, and will be expected to uphold their new responsibilities and higher standards as is appropriate. We wish them continued success in their e-Marine careers.


    Approved by the Command Staff, and effective 21JAN18




    Promoted to the rank of Major (Maj)

    Capt Schultz, D


    Promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant (1stLt)

    2ndLt Aoto, D

    2ndLt Faigin, S


    Promoted to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt)

    SSgt Sicuro, R 


    Promoted to the rank of  Sergeant (Sgt)

    Cpl De Munck, B


    Promoted to the rank of Corporal (Cpl)

    LCpl McGregor

    LCpl Simons, R


    Promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal (LCpl)

    PFC Alvior, M

    PFC Banks, L

    PFC Bashore, S

    PFC Breach, D

    PFC Bisarra, M

    PFC Bowers, M

    PFC Blumenberg, B

    PFC Early, K

    PFC Evans, C. A.

    PFC Fraticelli, F

    PFC Fields, L

    PFC Fillo, A

    PFC Galen, G

    PFC Glenn, J

    PFC Gibbon, J

    PFC Hampton, M

    PFC Ipsum, J

    PFC Knap, B

    PFC Laksana, A

    PFC Longanecker, R

    PFC Lovell, B

    PFC Lee, Joshua, I.

    PFC Maximovitch, A

    PFC Miles, M

    PFC McGallagher, C

    PFC Nouse, J

    PFC Padgett, C

    PFC Russ, J

    PFC Rust, J

    PFC Shum, S

    PFC Smith, R. J.

    PFC Young, N

    PFC Veteto, R

    PFC Wilson, M C.


    Promoted to the rank of Hospitalman Class (HN)

    HA Betulia, N

    HA Bain, R

    HA Greene, K


    Promoted to the rank of Hospitalman Apprentice (HA)

    HR Marik, V


    Promoted to the rank of Private First Class (PFC)

    Pvt Allington, C

    Pvt Baker, J R.

    Pvt Barlow, K

    Pvt Ealy, D

    Pvt Estes, W

    Pvt Fly, B

    Pvt Johansson, P

    Pvt Hable, M

    Pvt Khil, J

    Pvt Lane, N

    Pvt Love, K

    Pvt Jäger, H

    Pvt Maeda, R

    Pvt Nissen, M

    Pvt Saint, E

    Pvt Stryker, M

    Pvt Valinov, G

    Pvt Vine, J

    Pvt Wallis, S

    Pvt Whalen, R

    Pvt White, D G.

    Pvt Wilder, Du

    Pvt Austin, W

    Pvt Baldino, G

    Pvt Barker, C

    Pvt Bern, E

    Pvt Bonthron, C

    Pvt Boschetti, T

    Pvt Cederoth, K

    Pvt Clarke, Nicholas

    Pvt Evans, K

    Pvt Fyre, L

    Pvt Gerb, C

    Pvt Gilroy, T

    Pvt Hardiansyah, I

    Pvt Higgins, S

    Pvt Johnston, B

    Pvt Khodadad, S

    Pvt Kuo, A

    Pvt Lagoe, N

    Pvt LaTona, T

    Pvt Leach, K

    Pvt Martinez, J

    Pvt Pack, M

    Pvt Penner, B

    Pvt Peterson, C

    Pvt Rheel, J

    Pvt Sizzle, N

    Pvt Smart, H

    Pvt Smith, C. G.

    Pvt Suckow, T

    Pvt Sykes, D

    Pvt Tarver, A

    Pvt Thompson, J

    Pvt Toucher, M

    Pvt Trevelyan, W

    Pvt White, T

    Pvt Dodson, B

    Pvt Eck, S

    Pvt Essig, R




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