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    June Promotions

    2ndLt Frey

    Having met the requirements for promotion, the following personnel have been promoted to the indicated rank effective 18JUN17:



    Cpl > Sgt

    Cpl Dawe
    Cpl Page


    LCpl > Cpl
    LCpl Deaza
    LCpl Devore
    LCpl Hetzel
    LCpl N. Hernandez


    PFC > LCpl
    PFC Stephenson
    PFC S. Tullo


    HA > HN
    HA D. Sullivan


    Pvt > PFC
    Pvt Carlson
    Pvt Marsden
    Pvt McGregor
    Pvt Olivera
    Pvt Z. Ryan


    Congratulations to all,

    2ndLt Frey

    S-1 Personnel Officer

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