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    Operations Order- Operation Rising Cadence 01-17 TF LED

    S3 Training & Ops

    OPERATION Rising Cadence 01-17

    Task Force LED

    15APR17 (06APR17 In Game Date)




    Cordocas, located in the Drake Passage on the Southern tip of South America is currently in a state of civil war.  The rightful civil government has asked for US intervention.  The President of the United States has granted this request.



    Cordocas is a small island nation off the southern coast of South America. Officially titled the United Kingdom of Cordocas (Reino Unido de Cordocas - RUC), the nation of Cordocas is governed by a constitutional monarchy and is currently ruled by King Rafael Hidalgo. King Hidalgo has no heirs, and he has been known to be a somewhat incompetent ruler.

    Sensing weakness in the king's rule and noting his lack of a lineage, several top military commanders of the RUC Army organized a coup d'etat to overthrow the king's rule, calling themselves the New Republic of Cordocas (Nueva República de Cordocas - NRC). They seek to violently reform the government into a republic, governed by a military junta rather than a parliament or president.

    The United States has long held friendly economic ties with the RUC and has provided some military training and arms to help the RUC ensure that international waters near the Drake Passage are kept patrolled and enforced to prevent piracy.


    Isla Abramia

    Weather: Partly cloudy

    Time of Operation: 0300 (IGT)

    Vegetation in the area and its effects on visibility:  Ample vegetation for concealment

    Key terrain in the area: Ocean, vegetation, urban areas

    Important Tactical Control Measures:  Airfield Corium [09,06], Yolandi [03,03], Rybak [06,03], Castle Hidalgo [08,03]



    King Hidalgo has requested from the 15th MEU an escort to help him safely to Castle Hidalgo. LED has been tasked with escorting the King to safety and will be meeting his motorcade at the Rybak docks.

    It has been reported that the King’s motorcade left the city of Yolandi shortly after the attack began but he has not yet been seen in Rybak. Due to the chaotic state in the city of Rybak it will be necessary for LED to hold a security force at the CRRC’s to ensure they are not appropriated by local civilians trying to reach the relative safety of one of the eastern islands still under RUC control.
    At the time of Operation,
    there will be no OPFOR operating anywhere in or near Rybak, the closest force is currently fighting RUC forces in Yolandi and are not expected to reach Rybak for another three (3) hours at projected rate of advance.
    Ensure PID is followed, RUC forces will be operating in Rybak. Do not fire on RUC forces. FIRE ONLY IF FIRED UPON.
    If there is any uncertainty, radio up the CoC to the Task Force Commander who can contact Zeus directly to astatine the location of GREENFOR at any time. 


    Enemy Forces

    OPFOR operating in IVO Yolandi actively fighting RUC forces and will not pose a threat to LED for this Operation. They are only being listed due to be the closest operating OPFOR to LED.

    Time: 0300 (IGT)

    Size: 1-2 Infantry Battalions

    Unit: New Republic of Cordocas (NRC)

    Activity: Attacking

    Location: IVO Yolandi (03,03)

    Equipment: OPFOR (NRC) are dressed in a standardized uniform consisting of, M10 fatigues (Digital), a Carrier Lite vest (typically Green), a M97 (Digital) Helmet, and airborne forces use Night Vision Goggles, infantry weaponry consisting of Smoke Grenades, M67 Frag Grenades, HK G36KV Assault Rifle, HK G36C Carbine, M16A4 Assault Rifle, M24 Sniper Rifle, M249 light machine gun, M9 Pistol, M72 LAW, RPG-7, and FIM-92F Stinger.


    Capabilities and Limitations:

    Defend: The enemy is likely to defend key points during their advance.

    Reinforce: The enemy is reinforcing from the North, West and South.  The closest adjacent unit are estimated to be 1 Motorized Infantry Company at [050,044].

    Attack: The enemy can attack with at least an Infantry Battalion. 

    Withdraw: Currently it is unlikely for the enemy to withdraw.

    Delay: Currently it is unlikely for the enemy to delay.

    Enemy Most Likely Course of Action: (EMLCOA)

    An enemy attack on the capital city of Yolandi is underway.  This attack is being spearheaded by the the Armored Company to the West of the city passing the lines of the infantry company currently engaged with United Kingdom of Cordocas (RUC) forces.  The city is resisting but reports from assets currently on the ground confirm that the city will most likely fall within the hour.


    Allied Forces

    Equipment: GREENFOR (RUC) are dressed in a standardized uniform consisting of, M10 fatigues (Digital), a Carrier Lite vest (typically Green), a M97 (Digital) Helmet, and airborne forces use Night Vision Goggles, infantry weaponry consisting of Smoke Grenades, M67 Frag Grenades, HK G36KV Assault Rifle, HK G36C Carbine, M16A4 Assault Rifle, M24 Sniper Rifle, M249 light machine gun, M9 Pistol, M72 LAW, RPG-7, and FIM-92F Stinger.


    Capabilities and Limitations:

    Defend: Allied forces are currently defending.

    Reinforce: Allied forces can reinforce from the East.

    Attack: Allied forces can attack

    Withdraw: Allied forces are withdrawing

    Delay: Allied forces are delaying where possible.

    Allied most likely course of action: (AMLCOA)

    Allied forces are pressed from three sides, an enemy attack on the capital city is underway with what is left of 1 mechanized platoon and an infantry company defending the city, with a reinforced infantry platoon holding the land bridges keeping the supply line open from the east.  Allied forces are prepared to defend the city and make a tactical retreat to the east towards Rybak if the defense is unsuccessful.


    Friendly Forces (HAS)

    Higher (Higher's Mission):

    The 15th MEU has been tasked with supporting the RUC and intervening to prevent a complete military coup by members of the newly formed NRC.


    Adjacent Units:

    Marine units- 2x Spectre teams inserted at 0000, one to the north and one to the south of Yolandi.

    RUC forces- 2 infantry companies, 1 mechanized platoon (Defending Yolandi), 1 infantry platoon (defending land bridge (050,027), Small element operating in Rybak [06,03].


    Supporting Units:








    When: Operational immediate 0300(IGT)

    Who: Task Force LED

    What: Locate and extract King Hidalgo.

    Where: IVO Rybak [06,03]

    Why: To safeguard the King.



    Commander's Intent:

    At the request of King HIildago, it is my intent to dispatch LED to locate and secure King Hildago along with any loyal security officers and transport him to Castle Hidalgo [08,03]. It is imperative that enemy forces do not detect the presence of the 15th MEU prior to India Company’s Operation.


    Enemy Key Strength:

    There will be no OPFOR operating in Rybak.

    Enemy Key Weakness:

    There will be no OPFOR operating in Rybak.

    Exploitation Plan:

    Task Force LED will use the GREENFOR delaying action and confusion caused by the massive amount of refugee traffic to mask their movements into Rybak.


    At the completion of this mission, Task Force LED will have secured the King and transported him safely via CRRC to the secure area at Castle Hidalgo.


    Scheme of maneuver:

    Task Force LED will embark in CRRC’s from Airfield Corium [09,06], to the city of Rybak [06,03], then to Castle Hidalgo [08,03], turning over responsibility of His Highness to RUC security forces and then, time permitting, returning to Airfield Corium. 


    Fire Support Plan:

    RUC 105mm artillery will be available every twenty (20) minutes to provide x5 HE or smoke.  Contact Zeus to request this support.


    Maps and Images;





    Motor Pool - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EtbvVacPyUqR9ArBRqCxIJa5ruhH-fCR5ua8y4-zztI/edit#gid=646443889

    Download the map of Isla Abramia v1.8

    Unit Download




    Run the required 15th MEU Mods IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER.

    @CBA_A3  (Version 3.2.1)

    @Task_Force_Radio  (Version 1.0 RC)

    @CUP_Terrains_Complete  (Version 1.3.0)

    @RHSAFRF  (Version 4.2.1)

    @RHSUSF  (Version 4.2.1)

    @RHSGREF  (Version 4.2.1)

    @RHSSAF  (Version 4.2.1)

    @15thACE  (Version 3/APR/17)

    @15thMEU  (Version 3/APR/17)

    @15thAmmo  (Version 3/APR/17)

    @abramia (Version 1.8 )

    @15thOPFOR (Version 3/APR/17)

    Any authorized client side mods


    Medical plan

    Self-aid, Buddy aid, Corpsman aid


    Enemy prisoners of war (EPWs):

    Any unit that captures a prisoner of war will follow all rules of armed conflict and treat the prisoner humanely. Search, silence, segregate, safeguard, and tag all EPWs and bring them to the senior leadership.



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