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    FTX 15-17 (GCE)

    Maj D. Schultz

    3/DEC/17 (Task Forces A, B)


    Takistan has been in civil unrest for many years due to several factions operating in the country. While the Takistani government has made strides, the United States Government has stayed involved in the development of this area, seeking to establish a solid ally in the region, whilst also attempting to stem the tide of illegal arms and drug trade that flows into and out of the country. 
    The police and the military of Takistan operate as two joint branches, that is also deeply corrupted, whomever isn't bought into the service of an arms or drug dealer, are  often intimidated into inaction by threat of violence.

    The intelligence section (Known as ahmar aldhiaab the "Red Wolves") of the Takistan military, which operates Takistans special forces, is dedicated to freeing Takistan from its corruption and unrest and has been working with the CIA in taking down several HVT's over the years. Currently a joint operation between the CIA and the "Red Wolves" is underway codenamed "Operation Sabertooth",  which is aimed at one of the last remaining arms dealers left in Takistan, Calvin Roux. A French African native, he is responsible for selling arms and armament to several groups that have attacked U.S. occupied locations in Takistan and elsewhere regionally. Due to many Takistan politicians having been bought by Calvin Roux, attempts to imprison him in Takistan have failed. Calvin Roux exact location is unknown, as he moves from house to house each night, however he still utilizes his lieutenants in order to conduct business, which has allowed the CIA to track him to a specific region in Takistan.


    The president of Takistan has agreed to allow Calvin Roux to be extradited to U.S. soil where he will face charges of aiding enemies of the United States and imprisoned. Due to internal pressure, the "Red Wolves" are unable to carry out this operation, thus a small portion of the 15th MEU was assigned to airbase "Reno" a month ago on the pretext of training Takistan military forces.

    The 15th MEU will be essential carrying out the end phase of "Operation Sabertooth" and capturing Calvin Roux. 


    The CIA has been tracking the movements of Calvin Roux's top lieutenant known only as Nabi, a Takistan native. His recent movements have seen him visiting the regional police station in Jilavur, and meeting with Police Captain Abdul. These meetings have been confirmed to be securing Abduls loyalty, and that of his men, with bribes. These meetings happen on a monthly basis, early in the morning, after which Nabi departs out of Jilavur eastward to an unknown location. Likely to check on illegal arms stashed in a compound somewhere, Nabi always heads back into Jilavur and onwards towards either Shukurkalay or Chaman by 1000 local. Efforts to track Nabi into this area have been difficult as he changes vehicles out of sight, and the local populace is uncooperative and unwilling to risk themselves due to fear of retaliation by Calvin Roux to gather information.


    Map: Takistan
    Weather: Clear
    Effects on visibility: No effect on visibility for BLUFOR or OPFOR
    Time: Mission start time  0800 Local time (1930CST)

    There IS civilian air traffic in the area, do not engage civilian aircraft unless confirmed to be acting suspiciously or armed.


    Size: Estimated two platoons of infantry, Calvin is known to possess several helicopters and rumors mention that his brother owns an old fighter jet. 
    Activity:  Unalerted, maintaining lookouts, protecting Calvin Roux 
    Location:  Shukurkalay and Chaman
    UnitIrregular militia forces, with several persons from the local populace in support
    Time: Current as of operation start
    Equipment: OPFOR possess Soviet Bloc Small Arms, and a few lightly armed vehicles. CIA suspects MANPAD's may be present. Unknown what other arms  / vehicles / equipment that may be stored.

    Capabilities and Limitations:
    Attack: OPFOR has limited ability to attack
    Defend: OPFOR will defend all territory held
    Reinforce: OPFOR can reinforce
    Withdraw: OPFOR will withdraw
    Delay: OPFOR can delay

    Higher (Higher's Mission):
    The 15th MEU(SOC) will conduct exercise focused on cordon and search with MOUT.


    Adjacent assets:

    Fire Support for BLUFOR:



    1st Platoon (1x Rifle platoon)
    Weapons Platoon (1x Weapons attachment)
    ACE (as determined by HQ)


    2nd Platoon (1x Rifle platoon)
    Weapons Platoon (1x Weapons attachment)
    ACE (as determined by HQ)



    Search the towns of Shukurkalay and Chaman to locate and capture Calvin Roux. Intelligence will be provided to narrow down the search whilst GCE is enroute to the AO and whilst conducting the search.

    Mission must be completed by 1000 local, and GCE departed by that time as the regional battalion located in Feruz Abad lead by General Havim will respond and arrest any BLUFOR found operating in the area and demand the release of any captured persons. CIA Agents will delay General Havim from proceeding past Jilavur into GCE combat area until 1000 local.


    Ensure to avoid Feruz Abad entirely.


    ACE F35's will also be given missions to strike insurgent camps found in mountainous terrain from time to time under the pretense of conducting practice bombing.


    Commander's Intent:

    It is my intent for GCE to train in cordon, search, and MOUT.


    Precision missiles and HEDP grenades/rockets are authorized on civilian buildings if they show signs of fortifications (Static weapons, Sandbags, barbed wire, etc.)


    Scheme of maneuver:

    By no later than 0815 local (1945CST), GCE will be in place to search the towns of Shukurkalay and Chaman.

    Whilst enroute to Shukurkalay and Chaman, intelligence regarding Clavin Roux's exact location will be relayed to Task Force Commander.

    At 1000 local (2130CST), GCE will depart Shukurkalay and Chaman and return to airbase Reno before the arrival of General Havim and his forces from Feruz Abad.



    Assembly Area / ReAssembly Area: Northern Airbase "Reno" 058, 112


    Shukurkalay: 015, 035
    Chaman: 005, 028

    Khushab: 014, 057
    Jilavur: 025, 050 - Regional Police station:  026, 050

    Feruz Abad Military base: 051,060

    Map Links:
    AO Overview

    Blue - Airbase "Reno"
    Brown - AO
    Red - NO FLY ZONE Takistan Airbase











    Calvin Roux
    Blad but wears a Tan straw hat

    Casual clothes, shirt in blue. white pants. Doesn't wear glasses,  disdains carrying firearms and will be unarmed.




    Civilian Considerations & ROE:
    Nothing in the ROE will restrict or limit your right to take action in self-defense.
    Attack only designated OPFOR combatants and military forces.
    Do not attack civilians unless they commit a hostile act/intent.
    Treat all civilians and their property with respect and dignity. Do not enter their homes unless you are invited, you suspect suspicious activity, or you are in dire need of self preservation.
    Treat all prisoners humanely.
    U.S. forces may detain civilians for their own safety.
    Spare civilian persons and objects, destruction of civilian property should be avoided.
    Restrict lethal force to what the mission requires.


    Enemy Prisoners of War (EPWs):
    Any unit that captures a prisoner of war will follow all rules of armed conflict and treat the prisoner humanely. Search, silence, segregate, safeguard, and tag all EPWs and bring them to the senior leadership.


    Command and Signal
    Unit Frequencies per SOP 


    If the 3rd attempt to connect to a server should fail. You are no longer authorized to participate in the operation.
    If assistance is needed to ensure your mods are properly set before your operation, contact your CoC.


    Run the required 15th MEU Mods IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER.



    @@CUP_Terrains_Core (Version 1.4.0)

    @@CUP_Terrains_Maps (Version 1.4.0)

    @RHSAFRF  (Version 4.4)

    @RHSUSF  (Version 4.4)

    @RHSGREF  (Version 4.4)

    @RHSSAF  (Version 4.4)




    Any authorized client side mods


    NOTICE to reinserts:
    Establish with your CoC how you will be reinserted back into the mission if you are killed. Utilize the Command HUMVEE to use the long range radio and broadcast on the reinsert net to ACE that you need to be picked up and reinserted.
    If you receive no answer, use your group chat to get one of your group members to send up the CoC that there are reinserts needing transport or instructions on how to return to the AO. If you get no answer from that, you may post ONE message in side chat with the following "X needs to be reinserted".


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