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    XML Fixed

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    Thanks to the efforts of @LCpl Bass our Unit Squad XML script has been fixed and is now back in action. Command and S-1 will be uploading a new version of this XML every operational weekend Saturday (the morning of LED operations). As a reminder for those of you who may not know: The Squad XML is considered a part of your uniform and is required for all operations.


    This means:


    1. If you still have the old ArmA 3 Units as your 'display' XML it should be removed. You can still remain a part of the group (it's still used for recruitment purposes) but it is not to be used for display for operations. It is easy to identify: The Squad XML will display a tag of '15th MEU(SOC)' while Units will display '15th MEU'. Also the Squad XML will not show a unit patch, while the Units will display the subdued 15th logo.
    2. Your in-game name should display the rank you are currently. DO NOT update this rank after promotions during platoon briefing, before the promotions are officially posted. This will cause your XML to break, spout a server RPT error, and cause you to be out of uniform.


    E-1s and SNAs may occasionally notice their name not make it on the XML. This will not be common, but it is a possibility. All other grades have zero excuse. If you believe your XML may not be working contact S-1 Personnel.


    Beginning the first deployment operation (06MAY18) any personnel found to be out of uniform with their XML will be subject to points removal by NJP. This is a very simple thing to rectify that goes a long way to displaying our unit pride and looking professional. Take responsibility for your in-game 'uniform' in the same manner you do everything else.


    -Col Penny

    MEU CO

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