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    Unit Counselors Applications

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    For some time now we have neglected the role of the Unit Counselors, leaving them sitting empty. We are now taking effort, by prompting of 1stLt Graff, to revitalize the program and get it effective again. Thus we are taking applications for:


    1x Unit Counselor to represent ACE

    2x Unit Counselors to represent the Supporting Assets (AAVs, Tanks, LED, MSOT)


    A Unit Counselor can be summarized as a couple things.. they are experienced and well-respected members of the unit to whom the members of the section(s) they represent can approach about issues with Command Staff or their Chain of Command (it's meant to complement the Chain of Command, however, not replace it), guidance for one's 'career' within the Unit (S-Shop or primary billet opportunities), and an assistant representative for disciplinary actions (they are not LAWYERS, but they can accompany a member to a Disciplinary Hearing to hear the issues and recommend courses of action for that member).


    If you would like to apply to be a Unit Counselor you must send an application to @Col Penny, @LtCol M. Alexander, @SgtMaj Hoaglandand @1stLt Graff detailing why you should be selected to be a Unit Counselor, why you want to be a Unit Counselor, and at least two recommendations from members of the section you are going to be representing (to be clear.. these representatives must come from that section; a GCE member cannot represent ACE, for instance).


    Any questions regarding the role of counselors may be directed to any of those four individuals directly. @1stLt Graff as the current sole Counselor, and previous Senior Counselor, will have the most information.


    -Col Penny

    MEU CO


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