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    The Tip of the Spear

    Col Penny


    21JUL18 (IGT)

    0930 Local (IGT)


    Sailors and Marines of the 15th MEU (SOC) [Realism Unit],


    We have been tasked with a difficult job: The recent cyclone and flooding of the island of Tanoa has devastated the local civilian populace and further destabilized the local government, who is already in the midst of a growing insurgency. We, having been in the area, were tasked to assist the local government with relief efforts and to quell the unrest. Another power of the area, the Democratic Republic of Borneo has also sent forces to the area to assist.


    It seems we may have ruined some of their plans.


    Approximately two hours ago forces of our India Company were conducting searches in our agreed-upon area of operation to find intelligence on the local insurgency. For this, as normal, we had rotary forces deployed in support. An unknown aircraft, since confirmed as a member of the air forces of Borneo, shot down and injured Marines operating one of our aircraft. Flying CAP in the area along the No Fly Zone, one of our F-35 pilots witnessed this and sprang into action to prevent further injury or loss of life. In his zeal to protect his comrades, this pilot crossed the No Fly Zone, which seems to be exactly what the Borneans wanted. Almost immediately artillery units of the Borneo Revolutionary Guard deployed to the area opened fire on India Company and attached elements, forcing them to take cover in the local jungle. Air forces of the BRG were further deployed to intercept our air assets, harass our ground troops, and even mounted an attack on the ESG Matthew Barton.


    I have since spoken with USPACOM, the Joint Chiefs, and the President. It is agreed that the rapidity and eagerness of the response by Borneo troops means they expected us to do exactly as we did and that we were led to such actions. We suspect that Borneo was going to attempt to utilize the recent natural disaster and local insurgency to expand their territorial holdings and take control of the island of Tanoa. The President has directed the 15th MEU to prevent this from happening.


    Intelligence has reached us that Bornean troops are now on the move across the borders of our agreed-upon area of operations. Effectively immediately I have given orders to our air forces that a No Fly Zone no longer exists for anyone except Bornean Air Forces, and they are to execute such a No Fly Zone aggressively. We have been directed, and orders are coming to you as you read this, directing our forces to intercept and block the movements of aggression of Bornean troops. It is no question that a state of war now exists between the Democratic Republic of Borneo and the United States of America. As the Tip of the Spear of US forces in the area we must, and will, aggressively defend not only ourselves, but our local Tanoan allies. We will seek out and kill anyone who attempts to hurt us or our allies. The Borneans must also deal with the local insurgency, so neither of us are in for a fun fight. A three-way war between a well-trained and well-equipped conventional enemy nation and a local insurgency who is convinced God sent them to kill Americans is nothing anyone hopes for... but if there's one Unit who can handle it it's on the ground right now.


    Reinforcements are on the way, but I don't think I'm the only one who says we don't need them. We can take care of this mess. Let's do so and go home, and leave the Army to clean it up after us.




    -Col Penny

    MEU CO

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