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    Server Changes

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    We have now had four testing sessions to recreate the server issues and figure out what is going on. We can definitively nail down three things:


    1) Server hardware specifications for OP 04-18 were not good enough. We attempted to run two server instances (and accidentally left the two staging server instances running as well) on a box with only 4 CPU cores and 8 GB RAM. This is woefully insufficient, and I take personal responsibility for that having not familiarized myself with the order prior to the finalization of it.


    2) Join in Progress is severely detrimental to server performance while operations are ongoing. If we were to Join in Progress during gear up there would be no issues. However once the mission begins and it is now kinetic and Zeus is also spawning things, Join in Progress utterly devastates the server.


    3) Mass destruction of infantry units with all munitions is severely detrimental to server performance. Thus far we have been reliably able to recreate ~20 server FPS drop when around a squad or more of infantry are struck with explosive ordinance larger than an 82mm (this includes the 155mm Howtizers shells, 230mm MLRS rockets, and AH-1 Hydras) or from rapid-fire 40mm (such as from Gator or a Mk19). We have also been able to recreate a 10 server FPS drop when two or more squads of infantry are decimated by small arms fire (5.56 and 7.62).

    There have been other various theories as to the causes of some of the issues, but nothing we have been able to reliably reproduce and evaluate, mostly due to the lack of available testers.


    With all of this information in mind, the following actions have been taken and will be in effect for this Sunday:


    • 15th OPFOR and CUP Terrains (Core and Maps) have been removed from the mandatory day-to-day mod pack.
    • Enhanced Movement has been removed from the Main Pack and is now considered an optional, but highly recommended, client-side mod.
    • Hearing, Fragmentation, Advanced Ballistics, Wind, and Weather ACE modules have all been disabled.
    • Use of any munitions larger than 82mm by Zeus is banned until further notice.
    • Use of the Gator 40mm cannon must be controlled, and should avoid large concentrations of infantry units with their munitions. Failure to follow this order will result in the restriction of the 40mm cannon, or more drastic actions.
    • Use of ACE explosive munitions against concentrations of infantry are forbidden. Failure to follow this order will result in disciplinary action, or more drastic actions.
    • Infantry small arms (M4, M27, M249, M240, M32) should not be used against large concentrations of infantry forces. Efforts should be taken to withdraw, outmaneuver, or break up these concentrations of infantry should they occur. Failure to follow this order will result in disciplinary action, or more drastic actions.
    • Join in Progress during kinetic operations is hereby forbidden, and this ordnance excludes no person or billet. With this the following changes will be in effect:
      • ACE 'Task Force Echo' experiment program will cease immediately, and ACE tasking will remain on their assigned servers throughout the operation.
      • All Unit members are expected to have their mods checked on the Staging Server between 1800 and 1910 CST. At 1910 CST these server will be shut down.
      • All Unit members are expected to be connected to their respective Task Force server at 1900 CST, and no later than 1915 CST. At 1915 CST the server will be locked and the mission launched, and no further joins will be allowed.
      • Between 1915 CST and 1930 CST will be dedicated for gear up and Zeus set up. Operations will be expected to step off by 1930 CST.
      • Mid-mission joins will be allowed around a pre-arranged time of the operation (a lull in action, not a specific clock time) and agreed upon by Zeus and the Task Force Commander.
        • Mid-mission joins will not be allowed to take any longer than 10 minutes, and this is extremely generous. No more than one member may attempt to join the server at any one time during this period. You must be awaiting in the pre-designated Teamspeak channel, and take your instructions from Zeus.
        • If either Zeus or the Task Force Commander feel mid-mission joins would be detrimental to the health of the server they will not be allowed.


    These restrictions will remain in place until such time as MEU HQ and the Command Staff feel they may be loosened. The enforcement of these rules will be done so freely and with extreme prejudice. Even something as little as an accidental updated ACRE or Negligent Discharge of explosive rounds may seem like a small deal to you, but they resound exponentially to the server and everyone around you. This is your one and only warning that violations of these rules will be met with swift and harsh punishments.


    Questions of these new policies may be referred to your Chain of Command. Good luck out there this Sunday, gentlemen and ladies.


    -Col Penny

    MEU CO

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