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    Rifle Range Penalties

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    Since almost the inception of the Rifle Range there has been little to no penalty for the failure of it's completion. Since almost the beginning the only punishment has been promotion ineligibility. This has led to the undesired effect of capped-out members - including myself - failing to qualify for the Range with no punishment. The intention is for the Range to be relevant and a requirement for all. Everyone must, and should, be qualifying. Therefore we will be instituting harsher punishments for all levels - yes, including myself, for failure to qualify on the Range.


    Effective October 1st, the following changes will be made:


    -Year-long ineligibility will no long be a factor. Instead, if you fail to qualify during the Qualification Period (February and March), your score will be removed and you will be ineligible for promotion until you do qualify.


    -Failure to qualify will result in immediate reduction of promotion points, with additional points removed over the course of the next 30 days according to the formula to be described below. The formula will show how many points are removed after a total of 30 days, but the removal will be progressive so if you qualify at 15 days into the period you will still lose half the points noted


    -If at any point a member falls below the required points for their rank they will be demoted. Immediately. No billet is exempted from this rule.


    -Exemptions due to extenuating circumstances will be made with approval from MEU HQ or Command Staff. 'I forgot' is not a valid circumstance.


    Rather than removing a blanket amount of points, there will be a formula for each rank - regardless of billet or section. This will follow the following formula:


    E# = Enlisted Paygrade          O# = Officer Paygrade


    Enlisted - 14 + ((E#-2)*4)

    Officer - 14 + ((O#-1)*6)


    As an explanation: 14 points are automatically accrued over one month (1 point for every 5 days in active duty = 6, plus 4 points for each operation). Additional points will be removed on a scale of your paygrade minus the lowest rank losing points (this rank will only lose the monthly accrual), times a factor of 4 for enlisted and 6 for officers.


    With this formula, the following is the maximum of how many points someone will lose over the course of 30 days failing to qualify:


    E1 - E1 will not be affected by this

    E2 - 14 points (this will wipe out all work done for the month, but not result in any loss of points as long as all events are attended)

    E3 - 18 points

    E4 - 22 points

    E5 - 26 points

    E6 - 30 points

    E7 - 34 points

    E8 - 38 points

    E9 - 42 points


    O1 - 14 points (this will wipe out all work done for the month, but not result in any loss of points as long as all events are attended)

    O2 - 20 points

    O3 - 26 points

    O4 - 32 points

    O5 - 38 points

    O6 - 44 points


    Again, what this would mean is that if, for example, I fail to qualify during the Rifle Range Qualification Period (February, March) on April 1st I, as an O-6, would immediately lose 44 points. Over the next 30 days I would lose up to an additional 44 points, repeating every month until a qualify. If at any point during that time I fall below the point threshold required for O6, I will be demoted. If I continually fail to qualify and fall below the Two Down rule, I would be removed from my position (if I was already evaluated and removed due to falling rank because I won't qualify on the Range).


    This only affects Active Duty members. Members in Reserves will not be affected by this while in Reserves (though if they have incurred this penalty prior to moving to Reserves they will still lose these points. Point loss is permanent, not a temporary punishment until you qualify). Members moving from Reserves to Active that do not have a Qualifying Range will have 30 days to qualify before they begin to incur penalties.


    This is not meant to be menacing, simply to enforce the requirement of the Range Qualification for all grades and billets, including Senior Staff. As previously stated this will affect all grades and billets from E2 to O6 and from Rifleman to MEU CO.


    As this is somewhat complicated any requests for clarification may be made here.


    Again this policy will be effective October 1st, 2017. If you did not complete your qualification during the Qualification Period 2017 (February/March) and are currently ineligible you must go speak to @LtCol M. Alexander to discuss your options before this policy begins and you begin incurring immediate penalties.


    -Col Penny

    MEU CO

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