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    Pay Grade

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    I have been flirting with this idea, as some of you may have seen before. Command Staff has now authorized this to see what else becomes of it.


    Effective immediately, all pay grades will now have an associated pay. That's right Devil Dogs.... you're now getting paid.


    Below is the payscale for all pay grades:




    A few items to note:


    • This pay is monthly.
    • There will be no pay difference between Reservists and Active Duty. This is prohibitively complicated.
    • There will be no pay difference between MOS or billets. This is prohibitively complicated.
    • There will be no additional pay for S-Shops. This is prohibitively complicated.
    • Pay will be administered on the 1st of every month. Your rank as of 12:01am on that date will determine your pay for the month.
    • Bonuses may be given by section leaders to individual(s) with approval from MEU HQ.


    Currently there are only a few unit-specific items you will be able to spend this money on. This is expected to grow as more ideas come with this system now implemented, as well as organic systems not regulated by the Unit.


    The items are as follows:




    The above items require some explanation:


    • Every promotion you receive will incur a $100 deduction from your pay. This is to simulate having to purchase all brand new insignia for all of your uniforms.
    • Awards and Decorations will be undergoing some major changes:
      • All current Awards and Decs will cease work and will be removed
      • All signature images will be replaced with a coyote vest patch, the exact same as is currently in my signature. Every member, from fresh SOI Private to Colonel, will have and carry one of these patches. No member, any longer, should have a blank signature.
      • This patch can be replaced with the purchase of the Service Green Awards and Decs (what we currently use).
      • This patch, or the Service Greens, can be replaced with a Dress Blues Awards and Decs (new).
      • In addition, NCOs and Officers may purchase an NCO or Officer Sword for display next to Awards and Decs (Dress Blues only).
      • Awards and Decs Staff will no longer maintain these racks on a specific time basis. If you want your rack updated you will have to request and purchase an update.


    The administration of this pay (automatic pay, deductions, tracking) will be done through a plugin on the forums. For this we will be needed to purchase and add the Automation Rules. We are already using the light version of this, which you will have experienced if you have made a Proposal lately and had its status changed. The Lite version of this extension only allows 10 rules, which we are currently using 3 of. We will need many more for the Pay Grades, and the purchase of this allows for the possibility of adding many more rules (automatic notification of application flagging, etc.). For this we will be taking donations.


    Any questions about this system may be directed here.


    Replacement of signatures will begin immediately.


    First pay will be administered January 1st.


    -Col Penny

    MEU CO


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